Friday Morning Auto News, Jul 10, 2020

Mazda UK selects NewMotion as its preferred EV charge point partner

Ahead of the UK arrival of the Mazda MX-30 in early 2021, Mazda UK has announced that leading European smart charging solutions provider NewMotion will be its preferred charging partner in the UK, supporting the introduction of charging infrastructure to Mazda’s dealer network and being the recommended supplier for home charging for MX-30 owners.

Commenting on the partnership, Mazda Motors UK Managing Director, Jeremy Thomson said: “we chose to partner with NewMotion due to their pioneering development of smart charging solutions over the last 10 years. The company’s charge points are fully connected, meaning they can receive regular updates to ensure a Mazda MX-30 owner’s charging hardware is always up to date and working perfectly”. Adding, “this also enables remote start and stop of charging sessions via the MyMazda app and will give our Mazda MX-30 owners a fully integrated and interactive home charging solution”.

Mazda MX-30 owners will also be able to add NewMotion’s dynamic power management to their charging package, which helps manage home energy consumption. This feature monitors the total electricity consumption in your home and dynamically adjusts the charge speed of your car. If there is enough capacity left, the charge speed increases automatically.

The partnership with NewMotion extends beyond the home charging experience, as MX-30 drivers on-the-go will be able to access NewMotion’s UK public roaming network of over 2,500 charge points, including over 1,000 rapid chargers. For those looking to go even further afield, NewMotion also offers access to 155,000 charge points across 35 countries in Europe.

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