All-New Mazda3 wins top prize at 2019 Red Dot awards

The all-new Mazda3
has captured the “Red Dot: Best of the
prize at the 2019 Red Dot product design awards.

The competition’s
highest accolade is awarded to products whose designs are considered genuinely
ground-breaking and visionary. The new-generation compact joins the growing
list of award-winning Mazda models designed according to the Kodo: Soul of
Motion philosophy.

Expressing Japanese
aesthetics in a simple, single form, the designers of the new Mazda3 eliminated
character lines so that the body panels reflect the surroundings. The
less-is-more approach applies throughout the car. Components like the head and
tail-lamps, for example, feature a clean style free of all unnecessary

“Beauty though
subtraction is the key principle behind the Mazda3’s design,” explains Yasutake
Tsuchida, chief designer of the new model. “But it’s more than just minimalism.
Coming up with such a pure design requires much effort and refinement through
trial and error. And it’s something we believe can only be created by the human
hands of our expert clay modellers.”

The car’s performance
reflects this mind-set. Built around human-centricity to enhance the joy of driving,
the new Mazda3 feels completely natural while accelerating, turning or braking,
yet also filters out road input before it reaches the occupants. The cockpit is
arranged in perfect symmetry with the driver. The new seat, for example, keeps
the pelvis upright, enabling natural movement of the trunk and therefore
helping reduce fatigue. The new Mazda3 will also be the first-ever model
offered with the Skyactiv-X, Mazda’s revolutionary petrol engine delivering
diesel-like efficiency.

The international
jury selected fewer than 100 products for the “Best of the Best” prize from the
more than 5,500 entries received from 55 …continue reading