Monday Morning Auto News, Sep 16, 2019

Mazda Germany sets hairpin world record

As part of their hit ‘Mazda Garage’ YouTube series, Mazda Germany has set the world record for the most hairpin turns driven by car in 12 hours.

Done to celebrate 30 years of the Mazda MX-5, the project saw the ‘Mazda Garage’ team build a Mk1 MX-5 to take on the challenge of this hairpin world record. On the night of July 17th, 2019, the Mk1 Mazda MX-5 driven by racing drivers Cyndie Allemann and Jan Spieß, plus car image test driver Stefan Novitzki and rally driver Niki Schelle, drove the first-generation Mazda MX-5 on the twisting Kaunertal mountain pass in Austria.

Since a road closure was only possible at night, the world record attempt began at 19:00, meaning the driving team had to take on the pass in the dark, while heavy rain also added to the challenge.

But thirty years after its production started, the Mk1 MX-5s agility and handling balance was perfectly suited to the tight curves of the mountain road.

The record attempt rules stated that a valid hairpin turn was a bend that measured between 150 and 180 degrees. The measurement of the record was made by GPS signal and by the use of photoelectric sensors at different points of the road.

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Mazda ‘Journey to the Nordkapp’ film honoured at the 2019 AutoVision Awards

Mazda film ‘Journey to the Nordkapp’ has been
recognised at the 2019 AutoVision Awards, taking a Silver OttoCar trophy in the
passenger car product film category. An international festival that celebrates
the very best corporate films, commercials and multimedia productions in the
automotive sphere, AutoVision award ‘OttoCar’ titles to the best films across
42 categories.

Honoured with a Silver OttoCar, ‘Journey to the
Nordkapp’ was filmed in March 2019 with the aim of bringing Mazda’s latest Epic
Drive media event to life. A film that highlighted the challenge and beauty of
driving to the most northerly point in Europe in the depths of winter, the film
was shot by award-winning British video production company Kingdom
Creative. With temperatures as low as
-30 degrees during the shoot, the film beautifully highlights the stunning yet
brutal Arctic landscape and the abilities of the Mazda cars on some of Europe’s
most challenging roads.

Designed to highlight Mazda’s ‘love of driving’ ethos
and the connection between car and driver found across the Mazda range, the
firm’s Epic Drive events give journalists the opportunity to take part in road
trips that deliver scenery, testing roads and driving thrills on an epic scale.
From lapping Iceland in Mazda MX-5s, to driving across a frozen Siberian lake
in Mazda CX-5s and taking on the challenging and lush roads of the stunning
Azores in Mazda2s, Mazda Epic Drives deliver a unique media drive experience,
one that has to be captured by stunning photography and film assets.

Commenting on the AutoVision recognition, Mazda UK
Managing Director, Jeremy Thomson, said: “our Epic Drive media events are the
perfect …continue reading


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