Tokyo meat market maturing as demand for hoary hookers heats up
Tokyo Reporter -- Jul 05
On June 26, officers arrested the 63-year-old manager of club Silk, Kazuko Suwa, and one other employee for dispatching a woman, 64, to supply sexual services to an 82-year-old man at a hotel in Tokyo - a violation of the Anti-Prostitution Law.

"Because the female employees are seniors themselves they know which sweet spots to slowly lick and caress," the aforementioned employee assures.

According to the magazine, such attentiveness proved to be highly lucrative in the booming market of selling sex to the elderly.

Club Silk collected 320 million yen in revenue since 2001. In recent months, earnings exceeded five million yen.

Dubbed "super senior," Silk was staffed by 16 women, whose ages range between 46 and 73. The average age was 63. The 73-year-old prostitute, who is collecting welfare, told police that she thought of the work as a part-time job.

This is the not first bust of such an operation. Promiscuity club Kairakukukan was cited in February.

"Both clubs were very popular with senior citizens receiving welfare and a pension," says a writer covering the fuzoku trade, which is adult entertainment. "Even without large-scale advertising campaigns interest exploded."

The services provided were tailored to meet the demands of the market, says the manager of a popular "delivery health" (out-call sex) operation in Ikebukuro. "Silk has a 9,000-yen course that extends for an hour," says the manager. "That's plenty of time. For a jukujo (mature gal) her physiology is such that intravaginal ejaculation is normal. Especially for a lot of guys in 'silver generation' their approach is to just see a hole and stick it in."

Source: Tokyo Reporter
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