Disaster drills conducted nationwide
Yomiuri -- Sep 02

Disaster drills to prepare for huge earthquakes, based for the first time on a gigantic Nankai Trough quake scenario, were conducted across the nation Sunday, as Sept. 1 is Disaster Prevention Day.

The government conducted for the first time a comprehensive disaster drill based on the premise that the predicted Nankai Trough quake occurred. An emergency antidisaster headquarters chaired by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was set up and simulated making decisions on how to cope with the disaster.

The drills started at 6:05 a.m. based on a scenario in which a magnitude-9.1 earthquake occurred with the epicenter located somewhere in the trough stretching from off Shizuoka Prefecture down to the Hyuganada Sea off Miyazaki Prefecture, with shocks reaching the top of the Japanese intensity scale of 7 occurring in wide areas from western Shizuoka Prefecture to northern plains of Miyazaki Prefecture.

9月1日の「防災の日」を前に、南海トラフの巨大地震により 愛知、三重、和歌山に甚大な被害が出たとの想定で、広域訓練が31日、実施された。訓­練には計約4200人が参加。内閣府によると、南海トラフ地震をめぐり、負傷者を搬送­する広域訓練としては過去最大の規模となった。

News sources: Yomiuri, KyodoNews

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