Govt to check need for butter imports
The Japan News -- Jan 25
The agriculture ministry will determine three times a year whether to import butter for commercial use as an emergency measure to prevent butter shortages, the ministry has announced.

The measure is designed to prevent a repeat of the scarcity of butter experienced by the nation at the end of 2014.

The Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Ministry will determine in January, May and September beginning this year whether to import butter as an emergency measure to boost supplies.

Clarifying the timing of such assessments will allow dairy product makers to determine more easily how much household-use and commercial-use butter they should produce.

The emergency import measures will newly include the import of small blocks of butter that weigh one to five kilograms each for cake shops and other businesses. So far, emergency import measures have been limited to 25-kilogram blocks of butter for bread factories and other businesses.

今年4月以降もバター不足は続きそうです。 酪農生産者団体や乳業メーカーで構成するJミルクが今年4月から来年3月までの全国の­生乳の生産量の見通しを発表しました。生乳の生産量は733万3000tで、ほぼ前年­並みと予測しています。
News sources: The Japan News, ANNnewsCH
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