Cat cafes are catching on in Britain
Japan Times -- Feb 25
Inspired by similar establishments in Japan but with an added English flair, London's first cat cafe is doing a roaring trade providing traditional afternoon tea in feline company.

Since opening last March, the cafe has been fully booked almost every day, and similar independent businesses plan to open across Britain.

Lauren Pears, founder and director of Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium, was inspired by a visit to a cat cafe in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro neighborhood.

Having grown up with pets, Pears said she missed them once she moved to London.

“I figured a lot of people in London would feel the same way,” she said.

“Cat cafes are very successful in densely populated cities in Southeast Asia, so I thought it could work in London as well,” she explained.

Conscious of cultural differences, Pears looked for how best to root the concept in Britain, and decided to give the cafe an English interpretation.

“Even though a cat cafe isn’t traditionally British, I thought it would be even better to combine the international cat cafe and the really nice English tea experience,” she said.

With a wide selection of traditional cakes and teas, there is also a carer for the cafe’s 10 cats on hand at all times to ensure the animals are cared for properly.

Although initially targeting international tourists, the cafe seems to be a hit amid Britain’s recent trend for vintage decor and quirky cafes.

In the cafe, friends, couples and families chat over tea and cake while playing with the cats.

News source: Japan Times
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