4D maker MediaMation cracks Japan, partners with Sony Business Solutions
variety.com -- Feb 26
MediaMation, a maker of 4D technology, is partnering with Sony Business Solutions Corporation to try to hook Japan on movie theaters that buck, spray and mist along with the onscreen action.

The company has already brought these immersive theaters to Oxnard, Calif. and countries such as Colombia, Mexico and Oman, but it sees a big opportunity in Japan, the third largest market for film, and has tapped Sony to be their exclusive distributors in the country.

Their first installation will open this April at a branch of Toho Cinemas in Fujimi, with two more theaters set to open in Roppongi Hills and Shinjuku. Toho is Japan's largest theater chain.

"Japanese moviegoers have indicated they like motion seats," said Dan Jamele, the company's vice president and chief technology officer. "It's a good market because it's open to new ideas."

Domestically, 4D remains more an intriguing possibility than a phenomenon. In addition to MediaMation's Oxnard outpost, Regal Cinemas has a 4D theater created by CJ 4DPlex at LA Live. Clearly there's room for growth. However, overseas the theaters have become hot tickets in places like Latin America, South Korea and China.

The idea is to mix in elements of a theme park ride along with Hollywood blockbusters. Seats move, there are blasts of spray, fog fills the air at points, lights flash, and various smells emanate from the chairs themselves or around the theater. The effects are synchronized with what's going on in the movie and are signed off on by the studios behind the films.

News source: variety.com
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