Mount Fuji can't find its white winter cap
Asahi -- Jan 15
On Mount Fuji, the white is not in sight--and for locals that just ain't right.

People living near Japan's mightiest peak have been left scratching their heads as the 3,776-meter-high mountain is yet to don its iconic cap of snow this winter.

Usually in winter when they look out of their windows, the white-cloaked summit is staring them in the face.

This year, the surface of the mountain largely remains dark due to the prolonged record-breaking mild weather.

And despite the archipelago of Japan experiencing a sudden winter chill over the past few days, the snow is still in short supply.

The view from the air does show a white pattern snaking along the dark surface near the foot of the mountain, but that is just the artificial snow of ski slopes.

News source: Asahi
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