Plans afoot to curb traffic congestion caused by tour buses
Japan Times -- Jan 27
The Japan Tourism Agency is hoping to reduce traffic congestion caused by a growing number of sightseeing buses taking tourists on shopping sprees.

Under a trial to begin in April, the agency has said it will first target particularly congested districts in central Tokyo, including Ginza, Asakusa, Shinjuku and Akihabara.

However, the plan could be rolled out in other major cities, including Osaka and Kyoto, as well as Hakata Port in Fukuoka Prefecture, which has a growing number of cruise ship arrivals.

The number of visitors to Japan hit a record high 19.74 million in 2015, with most tourists traveling to cities along the "golden route" linking Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto and Osaka.

However, the influx has meant shopping districts in popular tourist areas are often crowded with chartered tour buses, leading to problems caused by long waits for customers who often make bulky purchases.

News source: Japan Times
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