Multilingual robot in service at Tokyo airport
NHK -- Feb 10
A humanoid robot is offering boarding information to passengers at Tokyo's Haneda Airport.

Japan Airlines introduced the 60-centimeter-tall robot, which speaks 3 languages, on Tuesday. It is aimed especially at accommodating the surge of Chinese travelers during the Lunar New Year holidays.

The robot uses cute gestures to notify passengers in Chinese and English that their boarding times are approaching and to remind them about security checks.

It will operate on a trial basis through next week.

The robot currently speaks Japanese far better. It can converse in Japanese with passengers to answer up to 7 questions, such as where to board and the weather at the travel destination.

ロボットとお客さんが会話する実証実験が羽田空港で始まりました。 日本航空などは、フランスの会社が作ったロボット「NAO」を使った実験を羽田空港で­始めました。NAOに話し掛けると、航空機の搭乗ゲートや行き先の天気などの情報を教­えてくれます。
News sources: NHK, ANNnewsCH
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