Japan's first Miss International, Ikumi Yoshimatsu, settles stalking lawsuit
Japan Times -- Feb 18
Ikumi Yoshimatsu, who in 2012 became the first Japanese beauty queen to win the Miss International contest, has reached a settlement with a major talent agency executive she had sued for harassment and stalking.

The executive had meanwhile filed a countersuit against Yoshimatsu, 28, for defamation.

In a recent blog post, Yoshimatsu thanked the people who supported her in her legal battle. She wrote that she had reached a settlement but did not go into specifics.

According to media reports, the settlement reached early this month is centered on Yoshimatsu's retraction of all the accusations against the executive - that he inflicted physical violence on her, obstructed her career and blackmailed her family members.

News source: Japan Times
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