Obokata shows how to make STAP cells on website
Jiji Press -- Apr 01
Having yet to abandon her claim to be the creator of STAP cells, Haruko Obokata has opened a website showing how to make the cells, although their existence has already been denied by Riken, a Japanese state-backed research institute to which Obokata formerly belonged.

The website, "STAP Hope Page," shows a protocol for generating the so-called stimulus-triggered acquisition of pluripotency cells, which were once believed to be novel stem cells with the ability to turn into any form of tissue in the body.

On the site, Obokata, 32, says she hopes to help other scientists succeed in creating STAP cells.

According to her representative, lawyer Hideo Miki, Obokata sent him an email informing him of the establishment of the site a few days ago. In the message, she insisted that parts of the original STAP cell experiments she undertook were successful.

News source: Jiji Press
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