Complaints up over noise at day cares -- Jan 09
About 75 percent of major local governments nationwide have received complaints from local residents who find children at day care centers to be too noisy, according to a Yomiuri Shimbun survey.

Of 146 major local governments, 109 said they experienced complaints over children's voices and the sounds they make at day care centers. A total of 16 day care center opening projects were suspended or postponed due to complaints, according to the survey.

The survey finding shows construction and operation of day care centers has become more difficult year by year.

Conducted in November and December last year, the survey involved a total of 150 local bodies, including ordinance designated cities, prefectural capitals and Tokyo's 23 wards - where there are high demands for day care centers - as well as municipalities with at least 50 children on waiting lists for admission to nursery schools as of April 1st last year.

A total of 146 local governments responded to the survey.

In the five years from fiscal 2012 through fiscal 2016, 109 local bodies said they received complaints about certified childcare facilities (see ) or childcare centers, including those in the planning stages of construction.

Of the 109 local governments, 43 provided figures for each of the five years. The total number of complaints these local governments received was on a steady uptrend, with 37 in fiscal 2012, 88 in fiscal 2015, and 89 as of December in fiscal 2016, according to the survey.

Combined with other local governments that provided numbers only for certain years, the total number of complaints given to 62 bodies surged to 132 in fiscal 2016, up from 37 in fiscal 2012.

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