Chainsaw-wielding man wanted more views for YouTube channel -- Jan 09
A man who threatened a delivery worker with a chainsaw told police he filmed and uploaded the incident because he was looking forward to watching the number of views of the video rise, Nippon News Network reported on Saturday

Mie Prefectural Police charged Kazuhiro Hasegawa, 27, with swinging around a chainsaw and threatening a worker at a Yamato Transport distribution center in Iga City in December.

Police quoted Hasegawa, who runs a YouTube channel under Hasegawa Kazuaki 8003TV, as saying that he "was looking forward to watching the view count rise."

The smartphone Hasegawa used to record the footage was confiscated and is being analyzed, TV Asahi (Jan. 7) quoted police as saying.

Hasegawa uploaded the video to his channel but quickly took it down, according to news site Tantei Watch, and asked a user who uploaded a copy to also remove it.

Package contained Wi-Fi router?

Reports and explanations by the suspect suggest he became enraged after his father turned away a delivery driver who was attempting to deliver a Wi-Fi router he ordered.

Several netizens appear to have already circulated copies of the clip in question.

A recording of the video uploaded on YouTube appears to show an enraged Hasegawa screaming at a Yamato Transport worker as he demands his package be handed over.


News sources:, ANNnewsCH
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