Woman injured by flying body parts after suicide at train station
tokyoreporter.com -- Jan 10
A woman received injuries on Sunday after being struck by parts of the body of a man who had just been hit by a train in a likely suicide, reports Nippon News Network.

According to the Kamata Police Station, a man, aged in his 20s, jumped onto the tracks at Zoshiki Station, located in Ota ward, and in front of an oncoming express train on the Keikyu Main Line at around 8:30 p.m.

The impact sent parts of his body onto the platform, striking the face and arm of the woman, aged in her 20s.

The injuries to the woman are not considered serious. The man was confirmed dead about one hour after the incident.

An examination of security camera footage showed the man jumping onto the tracks, leading officers to believe he took his life intentionally, according to the Hokkaido Shimbun (Jan. 9).

News source: tokyoreporter.com
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