Toshiba's chairman to resign
NHK -- Feb 14
Toshiba Corporation says its chairman will resign on Wednesday to take responsibility for the huge losses from its nuclear power business in the United States.

The Japanese industrial conglomerate made the announcement on Tuesday.

Shigenori Shiga will remain an executive officer until a shareholders' meeting is held in June.

Toshiba expects to post a loss of 712.5 billion yen, or 6.3 billion dollars from its US nuclear business.

The final loss for the April-December period is expected to total 4.4 billion dollars. The final loss for the fiscal year that ends next month is expected to total 3.4 billion dollars.

Toshiba had been scheduled to release its official earnings report on Tuesday.

But Toshiba says additional reviews have become necessary after it received internal reports that the accounting of the firm's US subsidiary, Westinghouse, had been handled inappropriately.

原発事業で最大7000億円規模の損失を見込む東芝は14日正午に決算を発表する予定でしたが、急きょ、延期する異例の事態となっています。 (経済部・野口有香記者報告) 200人以上の大勢の報道陣が集まっています。
News sources: NHK, ANNnewsCH
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