Tokyo medical interns suspected in gang rape of unconscious teen -- Feb 17
Two male doctors and and a medical student allegedly gang-raped an unconscious teenage girl after forcing her to drink alcohol in an apartment rented specifically to sexually assault women, police said on Thursday.

Takashi Kaminishi, 31, a medical intern at Funabashi Central Hospital, Yoshiharu Matsuoka, 31, a medical intern at Jikei University School of Medicine Hospital, and Ryusuke Kajiwara, 25, a medical student of Toho University, were arrested and referred to prosecutors over the alleged gang rape last year, the Asahi Shimbun reports (Feb. 16).

Kaminishi and Matsuoka are remaining silent about the charges, but Kajiwara has admitted to the allegations, police said.

How the suspects know each other remains unclear, but Kajiwara said he was "invited by Matsuoka" to participate in the alleged gang rape.

Claimed room was "rental lounge"

On April 30, 2016, the three suspects allegedly gang-raped the teenager when she was intoxicated and unable to resist in the apartment in Ota Ward rented by Kaminishi, TBS News reports (Feb. 16).

On that day, the men were drinking with numerous women in the room, in which there were several other people unrelated to the case. Kaminishi sexually assaulted the teenager alone, and raped another unconscious teenager the same night, police said.

Kaminishi included photos of the room, which he decorated with flasks and lighting, when he invited women under the guise of holding barbecue parties. He explained that the room was a "rental lounge."

A TBS News reporter said that "Kaminishi rented out this apartment, invited numerous women there, and repeatedly carried out sexual assault."

News sources:, ANNnewsCH
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