Kumamoto Castle repair work shown to media
NHK -- May 20
Work to restore the main tower of Kumamoto Castle was shown to media on Friday, about one year after a series of earthquakes struck Kumamoto City, western Japan.

City officials initially planned to preserve the structure with some repairs, but later it was found that there are cracks on pillars supporting the roof and other places.

They decided last month to dismantle and rebuild 3 sections of the main tower, including the entrance and part of the uppermost 6th floor.

On Friday, workers put up scaffolding, using cranes.

The main tower is now covered with sheets to prevent repair materials from falling. But the cover is highly transparent to allow people to see the tower from downtown.

本格的な復旧工事が進む熊本城の工事の様子が公開されました。 飯田丸五階櫓(やぐら)では、地震で崩落した石垣の撤去作業が終わると、櫓を支えるための新たな鉄骨が組まれます。鉄骨が組まれ次第、櫓を撤去し、同時に石垣も解体して、来年中には撤去される予定です。

News sources: NHK, ANNnewsCH
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