Luxury sleeper train Mizukaze begins service
NHK -- Jun 18
Train buffs and railway officials have attended the launch of a luxury sleeper train journey from Osaka Station.

The service, named Twilight Express Mizukaze, is operated by West Japan Railway. A ceremony marked the first train's departure on Saturday.

Train fans cheered as the streamlined, deep-green train appeared at the platform in the morning.

The train has 10 cars with 16 cabins. Travelers can enjoy panoramic views from the front and end cars, whose windows extend to the ceiling. The cars also have outside decks for passengers to use.

The dining car features seasonal delicacies from western Japan, and a bar and lounge serve drinks and traditional green tea.

Fares range from 270,000 yen or around 2,500 dollars for one night in a twin berth cabin, to more than 750,000 yen or about 6,800 dollars. The rail operator says the inaugural journey attracted some 25 times more applicants than places.

News sources: NHK, Kyodo
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Train buffs and railway officials have attended the launch of a luxury sleeper train journey from Osaka Station. (NHK)
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