MRJ to be showcased at Paris Air Show
NHK -- Jun 19
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, or MHI, will exhibit its jet plane at the International Paris Air Show, one of the world's major aviation events.

The Mitsubishi Regional Jet, or MRJ, is the first passenger aircraft that Japan has domestically produced in about half a century. Airlines in Japan, the United States, and other countries have already placed orders for 477 of the MRJs.

But MHI said in January that it would postpone the delivery of the planes until the mid-2020s. This was the 5th delay, and it stemmed from the need to redesign key pieces of equipment.

The company showcased the MRJ to reporters on Sunday, one day before the plane is due to be displayed at the air show for the first time.

The showcased jet has been used in test flights in the US. Its exterior has the distinct All Nippon Airways design. That airline will receive the first mass-produced MRJ.

News sources: NHK, Kyodo
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