Nissan to suspend shipments
NHK -- Oct 20
Nissan Motor has just announced it will suspend domestic shipments of vehicles from all 6 factories in Japan.

It is also considering expanding its vehicle recall.

Nissan president and CEO Hiroto Saikawa broke the news at a press conference on Thursday.

He admitted that a scandal over safety checks went deeper than first thought.

Saikawa revealed that unqualified staff at 4 factories continued to carry out inspections after the scandal first came to light last month.

Earlier this week the automaker said just one factory had continued with the improper checks.

Saikawa said Nissan is considering issuing a recall for another 34,000 vehicles. That's on top of the 1.16 million-vehicle recall announced earlier this month.

無資格の従業員に検査させていた問題で、日産自動車は問題発覚後も複数の工場で不正な検査が続けられていたと発表しました。 日産自動車・西川広人社長:「日産の再発防止策を信頼頂いた皆様に大変、申し訳ないことをしてしまった。
News sources: NHK, ANNnewsCH
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