Kyoto becomes wedding destination for couples from abroad
Jiji -- Feb 22
An increasing number of couples from overseas are having wedding ceremonies in Kyoto, western Japan, attracted by the ancient capital's reputation as symbolizing traditional Japanese culture.

In 2015, the Kyoto city government started to issue marriage certificates for foreign couples who held weddings in the city, following information from businesses that more and more foreign people are hoping to tie the knot in Japan.

Since the foundation of the certification system, the city government has given certificates to about 70 foreign couples, including those from Hong Kong, Germany and China. Wedding ceremonies are held mainly in spring and autumn, city officials said.

Kamigamo-jinja, a Shinto shrine in Kyoto's Kita Ward on the UNESCO World Heritage List, has been holding wedding ceremonies for foreign couples in response to an increase in requests since around 2009.

"Some couples had weddings as part of their honeymoon, just as some Japanese hold weddings abroad," an official at the shrine said, adding that many such weddings are small ones.

News source: Jiji
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