Ex-Nihon Univ. football coach denies instruction to inflict injury
Jiji -- May 24
Embattled former Nihon University American football top coach Masato Uchida and incumbent assistant coach Tsutomu Inoue on Wednesday denied having instructed a player of the university team to injure a rival team's quarterback.

The denial came a day after the Nihon University player, Taisuke Miyagawa, told a press conference that in a match earlier this month, he tackled the Kwansei Gakuin University quarterback violently and injured him at the instruction of Uchida and Inoue.

"It was not my instruction," Uchida told a news conference, denying having ordered Miyagawa to commit any illegal play. Uchida has resigned as the Nihon University team's top coach over the high-profile incident.

"I'm afraid I didn't see the tackle in question as I focused on the ball," Uchida insisted. "It was my fault as I should have seen the whole scene."

Inoue admitted that he told Miyagawa to "crush" the quarterback. "It's true that I said something radical, but I can't remember every word and phrase," he claimed. "I've never discussed whether it'll be good or bad if the quarterback is crushed."

日本大学アメリカンフットボール部の選手が危険なタックルをした問題で内田正人前監督らが会見を行い、内田前監督はタックルについて「指示はしていない」と改めて否定しました。 23日に都内で行われた緊急会見には、内田前監督と井上奨コーチが出席しました。
News sources: Jiji, ANNnewsCH
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