Boy gets 4-7 years for killing girlfriend at her request
Jiji -- Sep 08
Tokyo District Court handed down Friday an indeterminate prison term of four to seven years to a 19-year-old boy for killing his girlfriend at her request last year.

The defendant did not do his best to avoid the murder and subsequent arson although he could have done this, Presiding Judge Takumi Suzuki said in his ruling, noting that the boy "made light of human life" as he killed the girl, then 17 years old, on the very day he received the murder request.

Suzuki also pointed out that the arson was committed to escape murder charges.

According to the ruling, the boy choked to death the high school girl, who was his classmate, in a room of her home in Tokyo's Taito Ward on the night of May 3, 2017, after being told by her that she got pregnant and asked to kill her. On the morning of the following day, he set fire to bedding and, as a result, partially burned her body and the apartment.

During the trial, his defense lawyer requested juvenile proceedings at a family court.

News source: Jiji
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