First joint survey planned for Daisen Kofun, Japan's largest ancient tomb
Japan Times -- Oct 16
The Imperial Household Agency said Monday it will jointly excavate Japan’s largest ancient mounded tomb with a local government for the first time.

The agency had restricted such a survey in Daisen Kofun, which was first built in the fifth century and is officially designated as the tomb of Emperor Nintoku, saying the mound is “the Imperial Family’s tomb where peace and sanctity needed to be maintained.”

The excavation survey starting later this month in one of the dikes surrounding the massive tomb in Sakai, Osaka Prefecture, will be part of the tomb’s preservation efforts conducted with the municipal government and its results will be published at the end of November.

When it surveyed the same dike in 1973, the agency discovered clay figures made for ritual use.

Calls for the joint survey had been increasing among academics and others as the mound has been gradually eroded by water in the surrounding moats. The agency is expected to refer to results of the survey when it conducts reinforcement work.

宮内庁が仁徳天皇陵として管理する大山古墳を初めて発掘調査します。 大阪府堺市にある大山古墳は、仁徳天皇陵とされる日本最大の古墳で、宮内庁は今月下旬から保全整備の一環として堺市と共同で発掘調査をすると発表しました。大山古墳は堀の水に浸食され、崩落する危険があります。
News sources: Japan Times, ANNnewsCH
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