Unstaffed shop to open in Tokyo on trial basis
NHK -- Oct 17
An unmanned store using artificial intelligence instead of cashiers is set to open on a trial basis at a station in Tokyo.

East Japan Railway, or JR East, plans to open the store on Wednesday at its Akabane Station in northern Tokyo.

Shoppers can use IC cards issued by transportation companies to enter and make purchases.

The shop has about 80 cameras in its ceiling and shelves. They're hooked up to an AI system that detects what items customers choose.

The store is to run for about 2 months. JR East is testing the concept with a view to putting it into full-scale operation.

Cashierless checkout systems have already been introduced at some stores in China. US e-commerce giant Amazon has opened automated shops in Seattle.

駅のホームに無人キオスクが登場しました。 JR東日本が赤羽駅のホームで17日から始めるのは、人工知能を使った無人キオスクの実証実験です。天井や棚に埋め込まれた120台近いカメラが客が手に取った商品を認識し、レジまで追跡します。
News sources: NHK, ANNnewsCH
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