Students' killer sentenced to death
NHK -- Dec 20
A court in Osaka has sentenced a man to death for the murders of a 13-year-old girl and a 12-year-old boy.

48-year-old Koji Yamada was accused of suffocating the children from the city of Neyagawa in August 2015.

Prosecutors demanded the death penalty at the lay judge trial.

At the Osaka District Court on Wednesday, presiding judge Ryuta Asaka dismissed the defense lawyers' claims that the boy died of a sudden illness.

He said it's unthinkable that a healthy, energetic boy would suddenly die.

The judge upheld testimony from doctors that the boy had been suffocated.

The judge also ruled that Yamada intended to kill the girl, because he continued strangling her for several minutes, despite knowing the risk that she could die.

The judge also determined that key points of Yamada's court testimony were lies and fabrications.

Yamada's lawyer appealed the ruling.

中学生の男女2人を殺した罪に問われた被告に裁判員らは死刑の判断を下した。直接証拠がないなか、遺体が語る声なき声をどう聞くか。注目は「ピンク歯」と呼ばれる現象だった。 大阪府寝屋川市の平田奈津美さん(当時13)、星野凌斗さん(当時12)。
News sources: NHK, ANNnewsCH
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