Ghosn to appear in court on Tuesday
NHK -- Jan 05
Former Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn is set to appear in a court in Tokyo next Tuesday to hear the reason for his detention.

Ghosn's lawyer filed a request with the Tokyo District Court on Friday for the legal step.

The court decided to hold an open hearing from 10:30 AM on Tuesday. The detainee will be allowed to state his opinions.

Ghosn's lawyer says the former Nissan chairman intends to appear in court.

Ghosn was served a fresh arrest warrant on December 21st on suspicion of aggravated breach of trust.

He allegedly had a Nissan subsidiary illicitly channel about 15 million dollars to a firm run by a Saudi Arabian businessman.

The Saudi is said to have helped Ghosn obtain credit guarantees to cover his personal investment losses.

Ghosn is reportedly telling prosecutors that he did not cause any losses to Nissan, and therefore the charge of aggravated breach of trust should not stand.

On New Year's Eve, the court approved a request by the prosecutors to detain Ghosn for another 10 days, until January 11th.

Ghosn was initially arrested on suspicion of underreporting his pay. He has been in detention since mid-November.

News sources: NHK, ANNnewsCH
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