7-Eleven new head to be flexible on store hours
NHK -- Apr 06
Seven-Eleven Japan will get a new leader as it struggles to find workers for its round-the-clock business. The new chief says he will be flexible in responding to the needs of individual outlets.

Fumihiko Nagamatsu becomes president of Japan's largest convenience store chain on Monday. He spoke to reporters on Thursday.

He says more than 90 of the chain's approximately 20,000 outlets have asked for shorter hours.

He says he can be flexible, but wants to keep the idea of stores staying open 24 hours.

"We will discuss the matter with franchisees and make a decision on operating hours, taking into account the risk of sales falling, and the business area of each store," Nagamatsu said.

The company plans to slow the pace of opening new stores. It wants more management support for the stores it already has. It plans a self-checkout system at all stores to reduce pressure to find workers.

This comes after Seven-Eleven was criticized by the public when an Osaka franchise owner was ordered to pay a fine. The owner wanted to cut back store hours to just 19 hours a day.

News source: NHK
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