Tokyo displays drawing of rat thought to be work of Banksy
Japan Today -- Apr 26
Tokyo on Thursday displayed a drawing thought to be the work of Banksy, as the city's governor urged the famous and mysterious street artist to get in touch.

Curious Tokyoites, tourists and art lovers flocked to see the work depicting a rat holding an umbrella that was spotted on a panel near Hinode Station on the Yurikamome monorail line in Tokyo.

As ever, doubts rage over whether it is a genuine work by the secretive artist and Gov Yuriko Koike said: "If there are any problems, I'd very much like Mr Banksy to contact the Tokyo metropolitan government."

It is unclear exactly when the drawing -- which Koike described as a "cute rat" -- was painted but the city's public safety bureau has known about the graffiti for a long time, seemingly oblivious to its potential.

A rat holding an umbrella is one of Banksy's most famous artworks and there are photos on social media dating back several years that appear to show the same drawing. It was only in December the city government realized it might be a "Banksy" after local residents contacted them.

The drawing, behind a protective glass cover, now stands in a corner of the sprawling metropolitan government building. Viewers voiced hopes that it was genuine.

世界的な風刺画アーティスト「バンクシー」の作品の可能性があるネズミの絵が25日に東京都庁で一般に公開されました。 都庁で25日から2週間限定で一般公開されたのは、東京・港区の防潮扉の一部に描かれていたネズミの絵です。
News sources: Japan Today, ANNnewsCH
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