Man serving suspended term for illicit toilet shots arrested for same crime -- Jul 06
TOKYO (TR) - A 42-year-old man serving a suspended prison term for taking illicit video footage of women in a bathroom has been accused of committing the same crime, police have revealed, reports Fuji News Network (July 5).

According to police, Ryo Natori used a hidden camera planted in a toilet of a cafe in the Matsubara area of Setagaya Ward to take tosatsu, or voyeur, footage of six persons, including the lower body of a woman in her 20s.

“I did this on other occasions as well,” the suspect was quoted by police in admitting to the allegations.

The hidden camera — with a lens measuring about 1 centimeter in diameter — was installed in the toilet such that it could be operated remotely. The routine of the suspect was such that he installed the camera in the morning and collected it in the evening.

A staff member cleaning the toilet found the camera about 10 minutes after Natori allegedly planted it, police said.

Last October, police arrested Natori for entering a bathroom of a bar in Toshima Ward to retrieve a hidden camera that he used to take the same type of footage of female customers.

Police said at the time that Natori spliced together footage of about 300 women taken inside the washroom to produce about 40 films that he uploaded to a pay-to-view site.

With each film selling for between 1,300 and 3,300 yen, the suspect accumulated about 27 million yen in sales, police said.

Police seized a personal computer from the residence of the suspect in Sumida Ward that was found to contain illicit films featuring more than 1,000 women.

A court later handed Natori a suspended prison term.

男は盗撮映像を販売した罪で執行猶予期間中でした。 名取亮容疑者(42)は3月、東京・世田谷区のカフェに侵入して男女共用のトイレの中に小型カメラを隠し、男女6人の下半身などを盗撮した疑いが持たれています。警視庁によりますと、事件当日の店内の防犯カメラには、名取容疑者が午前と午後の2回映っていました。午前に仕掛けたカメラを午後に回収しようとしたとみられています。取り調べに対し、容疑を認めています。名取容疑者はトイレ内で盗撮した映像を販売した罪で1月に有罪判決を受け、執行猶予期間中でした。
News sources:, ANNnewsCH
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