Woman arrested for attempted murder after driving off with husband clinging to car hood
Japan Today -- Aug 01
Police in Yokohama have arrested a 37-year-old woman on suspicion of attempted murder after she drove a car with her 38-year-old husband clinging to the hood. The man eventually fell off and suffered serious injuries, including a fractured skull.

The incident occurred at around 2 a.m. Tuesday in Totsuka Ward. According to police, the woman, Natsuko Makino, a caregiver from Yokohama City’s Totsuka Ward, has denied the charge, claiming that her husband jumped off the hood himself and was not shaken off by her driving.

Police said that Makino consulted once with them in mid-July regarding domestic abuse by her husband. However, at the time she said she did not want to file a criminal complaint.

On Tuesday, Makino said her husband called her to come to his home in Asahi Ward and then the two got into a heated argument. When she left and started to drive off, her husband at first stood in front of the car. Then he jumped onto the hood. Makino drove for about 4.1 kilometers while her husband desperately clung to the hood before he fell of jumped off.

横浜市で結婚して1カ月足らずの夫を車から振り落として殺害しようとしたとして、37歳の女が逮捕されました。 牧野奈津子容疑者は30日午前2時ごろ、車のボンネットに夫を乗せたまま約4キロ走行して路上に振り落とした疑いが持たれています。夫は頭の骨を折るなどの重傷です。警察によりますと、2人は今月初めに結婚したばかりで、同居していませんでした。30日は夫の交友関係を巡って口論になり、夫の自宅から出ようとした牧野容疑者の車に夫がしがみ付いたということです。牧野容疑者は今月下旬に夫の暴力を警察に相談していましたが、「夫には相談したことを知られないようにしてほしい」と話していました。警察の調べに対して「夫が怖くなって逃げようとした」などと供述し、容疑を否認しています。
News sources: Japan Today, ANNnewsCH
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