Abe, Trump to aim to sign trade deal next month
NHK -- Aug 26
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and US President Donald Trump have agreed to seek the conclusion and signing of a trade deal at a bilateral summit next month.

The two leaders met for talks in France on Sunday on the sidelines of the Group of Seven summit.

They agreed to meet again during a UN General Assembly session late next month.

During Sunday's meeting, Abe welcomed an agreement reached on Friday on important industrial and agricultural issues between Toshimitsu Motegi, Japan's minister in charge of trade negotiations with US and Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer.

Abe said the officials reached the agreement after negotiations based on a Japan-US joint statement issued last September.

Abe said that with many issues still to be worked out at working levels, he wants to accelerate relevant discussions toward concluding an agreement.

Abe said he is glad that negotiations have made reciprocal progress, and believes the deal will be beneficial for both countries.

トランプ大統領が「原則合意した」として安倍総理大臣との共同発表に至った貿易交渉ですが、日本が求めていた自動車の関税撤廃は先送りされます。 日米首脳会談で貿易交渉の焦点だった農産品の関税引き下げは、日本側が主張していたTPP(環太平洋経済連携協定)の水準に抑えることで一致しました。一方、日本が求めていた自動車の関税撤廃の議論は持ち越され、両政府が合意を目指す来月末以降も協議を続ける見通しです。また、安全保障を理由にアメリカが検討している自動車などへの追加関税については、茂木経済再生担当大臣は「日本は適用されない」という考えを明らかにしました。
News source: NHK
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