One month since extensive damage from typhoon
NHK -- Nov 12
One month has passed since record rain brought by a strong typhoon caused extensive damage in much of Japan.

More hectares were flooded than in the torrential rain that hit western Japan last year, and more landslides were triggered than by any previous storm.

The land and infrastructure ministry issued an update of the damage caused by Typhoon Hagibis as of Monday. Levees collapsed at 140 locations along 71 rivers in 7 prefectures and 298 rivers overflowed in 16 prefectures in eastern and northern Japan.

At least 25,000 hectares were flooded.

The ministry has confirmed 884 cases of damage caused by landslides and mud flows in 20 prefectures. That's the largest number since record-taking began in 1982.

Many small rivers whose levees collapsed had not been included on hazard maps. And some sites of landslides had not been designated as disaster alert zones.

It has been pointed out that climate change could cause more frequent damage by torrential rain across a wider area.

The ministry plans to review disaster prevention policy, while re-examining current measures relating to physical infrastructure and verifying the latest damage.

News sources: NHK, ANNnewsCH
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