Hakuho's many accomplishments make him the greatest of all time
Japan Times -- Nov 12
Sumo has been around in various forms for over 2,000 years.

Even what we can call the modern form of the sport has existed since the 1600s.

It’s hardly surprising when dealing with a timeframe of centuries or millennia that the number of all-time-great rikishi is in the dozens.

Seventy-two men have held the rank of yokozuna, but there are many more that have been the equal of better than those on that list.

The argument about the greatest of all time however probably comes down to three or four men.

Raiden, an ozeki active in the late 1700s and early 1800s, had the best winning percentage of all time. But he was a giant among men, being a full 10-to-20 cm taller and 30-to-70 kg heavier than most of the opponents he faced.

Taiho, Tanikaze and Futabayama are the other obvious candidates, but what Hakuho has done over the past couple of decades puts him in a different class.

The consecutive win streak is the only major record of note that the Ulaanbaatar native doesn’t own and even with that he is second all time.

News source: Japan Times
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