Busty Japanese YouTuber chef sells ad space on her chest, fans enthralled by cooking videos
soranews24.com -- Nov 29
Real estate experts say that the three most important things are location, location, and location, and that holds true for advertising too.

It doesn’t matter how clever, informative, or memorable your ad is if it’s stuck someplace no one will ever see it.

So the key to successful advertising is placing your ad in a location that people’s eyes are naturally drawn to, like the scoreboard of a professional sports stadium, the side of a landmark skyscraper, or large breasts.

Japanese YouTube chef Kuma Cooking, whose channel can be found here, hasn’t been uploading videos for very long. However, she’s already attracting attention thanks to her unique advertising plan. Instead of making would-be viewers sit through pre-recorded, algorithm-selected commercials, Kuma Cooking incorporates advertisements into her videos themselves, by wearing snug-fitting T-shirts with that episode’s sponsor written across the chest.

News source: soranews24.com
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