At SoftBank cafe in Tokyo, Pepper the robot will take your order
Nikkei -- Dec 04
Soon the Japanese capital's trendsetting Shibuya district will boast a cafe staffed by humanoid robots that can recommend perfect desserts for customers.

SoftBank Robotics on Tuesday unveiled to the press its directly run Pepper Parlor cafe, where robots take orders, engage in small talk with customers and clean up among other tasks.

Customers place orders through Pepper robots placed near the entrance. They will also help customers decide what dessert to order based on the facial expression of a customer.

"Let me recommend a waffle that is perfect for you," a robot told one customer. "Let me see your face. Hmm, you look a bit tired today."

Peppers are also placed in the seating area and converse with customers or play games with them. SoftBank Robotics' Whiz robots do the cleaning after the cafe closes.

The restaurant, located at the Tokyu Plaza Shibuya, will open to the public Thursday. SoftBank Group's robotics unit will use know-how gleaned from running the cafe to improve its technology and apply it to other businesses.

Pepper robots will talk to customers and play games with them.

News source: Nikkei
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