Koizumi questions Japan financing of Vietnam plant
NHK -- Jan 22
Japanese Environment Minister Shinjiro Koizumi has called into question Japan's financing of a coal-fired power plant in Vietnam.

Environment Ministry officials say a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation and others are planning to build the Vung Ang 2 power plant in Vietnam's Ha Tinh Province. The government-affiliated Japan Bank for International Cooperation is among those considering funding the project.

Koizumi told reporters on Tuesday that he finds it odd that Japan is financing the construction of a power plant that will be built by Chinese and US companies.

Koizumi pointed out that there are four conditions that must be met to introduce highly-efficient Japanese power generating facilities into countries that have no choice but to use coal.

He said the government explained that the project is eligible for public financing because it was commissioned to a Japanese plant manufacturer.

But Koizumi said this does not apply to Vung Ang 2, and that the government will not win the understanding of the Japanese public or the international community.

He said he will discuss the issue with the ministries and agencies involved.

小泉環境大臣が日本が公的な支援を検討するベトナムの石炭火力発電所の建設計画について「おかしいと思う」と問題提起しました。  小泉環境大臣:「日本がお金を出して結果、作っているのは中国とアメリカ。こういう実態を私はやはりおかしいと思う」  環境省によりますと、ベトナムの石炭火力発電所「ブンアン2」は日本の国際協力銀行が融資を検討し、アメリカと中国のメーカーが建設する方向で計画が進められています。石炭火力発電の輸出に対する国際社会からの批判が高まるなか、小泉大臣は海外のメーカーが建設する発電所に日本の公的資金が投入されることは問題だと指摘しました。そのうえで、国際協力銀行に全額出資する財務省など関係省庁と議論していく考えを示しました。
News sources: NHK, ANNnewsCH
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