Man held for allegedly shooting at home belonging to deputy head of Japan's largest yakuza group
Japan Times -- Feb 03
Police on Sunday arrested a man for allegedly firing several shots with a handgun at a home belonging to the second-in-command of the Yamaguchi-gumi, the nation’s largest yakuza group, in Kuwana, Mie Prefecture.

No injuries were reported in the shooting.

The man — believed to be in his 70s — identified himself with surname Taniguchi and told investigators he shot the gun “three or four times” at the residence of Kiyoshi Takayama, 72, the deputy head of the powerful yakuza group with around 4,400 members.

The crime syndicate has had repeated clashes recently with the splinter group Kobe Yamaguchi-gumi, which has about 1,700 members. Sunday’s shooting may have been linked to the dispute, police sources said.

According to investigators, the suspect shot at the main gate of the residence. He tried to flee but was soon arrested by police officers who were patrolling in the area.

特定抗争指定暴力団山口組ナンバー2の住宅に銃弾が撃ち込まれ、男が逮捕されました。  2日午後1時半ごろ、三重県桑名市にある山口組ナンバー2・高山清司若頭の住宅の玄関に向けて男が銃弾、数発を撃ち込みました。付近を警戒していた警察官が銃撃を目撃し、男を銃刀法違反の疑いで現行犯逮捕しました。高山若頭は不在だったとみられ、けが人はいませんでした。捜査関係者によりますと、逮捕されたのは元暴力団組員の谷口勇二容疑者(76)で、「3、4発撃った」と話して容疑を認めているということです。山口組は神戸山口組との間で抗争事件が相次いでいて、2つの組は先月に特定抗争指定暴力団に指定されていました。
News sources: Japan Times, ANNnewsCH
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