Amusement park in Japan partially reopens
NHK -- May 18
An amusement park in central Japan has partially reopened after the government lifted emergency declarations for the coronavirus in dozens of prefectures.

Nagashima Spaland in Mie Prefecture reopened outdoor attractions such as roller coasters on Sunday. The park had been closed since April 9 due to the outbreak.

A thermograph has been installed at the entrance to take the temperatures of visitors. A signboard at the park asks people from other prefectures to refrain from visiting.

The measure is in line with requests by the central and prefectural governments to restrict movements across borders.

Visitors are seated on rides so as to maintain social distancing. The staff sanitizes ride seats after every use.

Indoor attractions at the park remain closed.

There were very few visitors on Sunday morning.

One local woman in her 20s said she enjoyed a ride. She added that she appreciates the precautions the park is taking.

長崎県のテーマパーク「ハウステンボス」は新型コロナウイルスの感染対策をして県内に住む人に限って受け入れる形で一部の営業を再開しました。  ハウステンボスは先月6日から休業していましたが、長崎県で緊急事態宣言が解除されたことを受けて、県内に住む人に限って受け入れる形で今月16日に一部の営業を再開しました。客はマスクと身分証明書を持参するほか、入場する際に体温を測って手を消毒したうえで2週間以内に県境を越えていないことを確認書に記入するなど感染対策を徹底しました。  来場者:「思ったより多いなと思って。子どもも退屈していたんで。お花きれいだったね」  ハウステンボスは今後、政府の発表などの状況を見ながら全面再開の日を決めることにしています。
News sources: NHK, ANNnewsCH
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