Schools in Japan restart after pandemic-shortened summer vacations
Japan Times -- Aug 17
Many schools across the nation reopened Monday after summer vacations were shortened to allow students to catch up on classes missed when schools closed due to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

The shortest break decided by municipal authorities was only nine days. Usually, students in Japan take vacation in summer for more than a month.

Students wearing face masks started arriving at Ushioda Elementary School in Yokohama, near Tokyo, around 8 a.m. Their summer vacation had been shortened to roughly half its usual length.

“I was unable to go enjoy myself at the swimming pool because of the coronavirus,” said Naoya Hirasawa, 12.

Schools are required to take steps to reduce the risk of heat exhaustion as well as to prevent coronavirus infections. Temperatures have risen rapidly in recent days, with the mercury hitting 35 degrees Celsius or more in many locations.

11日新型コロナウイルスの影響で例年より短かくなった夏休みが明け、一部の小中学校ではきょうから授業が再開しました。  小学6年生:「(夏休みが)短かったけど、家族と過ごせて楽しかった」「(夏休みが短くて)宿題がちょっと多くて大変だった」  この小学校ではこれまで、全児童がそろって集会が行われてきましたが、今回は各教室で校長らの話を聞く形となりました。校長は学校が始まるにあたって熱中症にも注意するよう呼び掛けました。  さいたま市の中学校でもマスク姿の生徒たちが約2週間ぶりに登校しました。  中学3年生:「外で遊ぶことも3年生なのでできない。3密を避け、家で過ごした」  この中学校では夏休み期間中、部活動もほとんど行われなかったということです。
News source: Japan Times
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Aug 17
Many schools across the nation reopened Monday after summer vacations were shortened to allow students to catch up on classes missed when schools closed due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. (Japan Times)
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