Japanese accidentally cover themselves with pepper spray in whaling war
The crew of a Japanese whaling ship accidentally 'shot themselves in the foot' when they tried to fire pepper spray at protesters - and the wind blew it back in their faces. The two crew members are seen in dramatic video footage captured by the crew of the Sea Shepherd anti-whaling group rubbing their eyes after a cloud of pepper spray engulfed them. The Sea Shepherd group said the incident proved the Japanese were lying when they claimed that the protesters had injured three crew members on the whaling ship Shonan Maru 2.

(Daily Mail, Feb 14)

16 Apr
Fishermen in Fukushima Prefecture have released young salmon into a local river for the first time in 4 years. (NHK)

15 Apr
Apparently perplexed but thrilled to find himself in the spotlight, Iwao Hakamada, formerly the world's longest-serving death-row inmate, made his first public appearance Monday in Tokyo since being released from prison and hospitalized. (Japan Times)

15 Apr
The Takayama Spring Festival in central Japan kicked off on Monday with its traditional float parade. (NHK)

15 Apr
Aichi prefectural police are investigating a possible link between the discovery of the bodies of a husband and wife and their eldest son, and the body of a male relative of the deceased family who was found hanging by his neck in a hotel. (Japan Today)

14 Apr
Visitors to one of Japan's most celebrated spots are being warned to be on the lookout, after two Taiwanese tourists were injured in a rampage by a wild deer. (Japan Today)

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