Sep 13
Japanese police say more minors are becoming victims of sex crime through the use of smart phone applications allowing users to talk and send messages for free. (NHK)
Sep 12
Sony announced at their SCEJA Press Conference that the PlayStation 4 won't hit store shelves in Japan until February 22, 2014. This is the first time Sony has not released a console first in Japan. The PlayStation 4 will cost 38,980 yen and 43,980 yen with a PlayStation Eye camera. (vgchartz.com)
Sep 11
Another wave of iPhone excitement has swept Japan, where Apple fans were queueing Wednesday for the new handset, more than a week before it hits the shelves. (phys.org)
Sep 11
Five years after Apple first debuted the iPhone in Japan, the country's largest wireless carrier is finally adding the device to its lineup. Apple said Tuesday that NTT DoCoMo will begin carry its newest iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c on Friday September 20. (allthingsd.com)
Sep 06
NTT DoCoMo Inc will begin selling Apple Inc's iPhone as early as this autumn, sources familiar with the matter said on Friday, as it seeks to halt a loss of market share to rivals already offering Japan's most popular smartphone. (Reuters)
Sep 04
Microsoft Corp. is buying Nokia Corp.'s lineup of smartphones and a portfolio of patents and services in an attempt to mount a more formidable challenge to Apple Inc. and Google Inc. as more technological tasks get done on mobile devices instead of personal computers. (Japan Times)
Sep 03
Companies in Japan and overseas are accelerating their development of "wearable technology"-items such as wristwatches and eyeglasses with data processing capabilities. (Yomiuri)
Aug 29
Panasonic Corp is finalizing plans to pull out of the consumer smartphone business in Japan and has approached potential buyers for its cellular base station business, the Nikkei reported. (Reuters)
Aug 27
When Google announced that their impressive new Nexus 7 tablet would come in a 4G LTE model with 32GB of storage for only $349 many were excited, and have been desperately waiting for a release date. Currently a WiFi only model is available, but now we're hearing the LTE flavored slate will hit China in a few weeks, slated to arrive in mid September. (androidcommunity.com)
Aug 24
The Japanese government plans to support domestic makers to develop cost-effective 3D printers. (NHK)
Aug 24
Six police officers are taking part in a hacker competition, hoping to learn more about technology useful for combating cybercrime. (Yomiuri)
Aug 22
Japan-based social network giant LINE is launching a new service for online shopping. (NHK)
Aug 21
New iPhones will arrive in Japan on September 20 with a gold iPhone 5S option in tow, Japan's Nikkei reported Wednesday. (CNET)
Aug 19
A Japanese computer security group says about 4,100 Japanese government and other organizations' websites have been hacked during the first 7 months of this year. It is a record and more than double the figure for 2012. (NHK)
Aug 13
Google's Android app marketplace, Google Play, has seen significant revenue growth this year, fueled in large part by Japan and South Korea. (techcrunch.com)
Aug 09
An estimated 16,000 computers in Japan may be infected with the same type of virus used to commit online bank fraud involving stolen user IDs and passwords, according to a police source. (Japan Times)
Aug 06
Hackers can harass users of a smart toilets in Japan by exploiting the power of a free Bluetooth app. (Daily Mail)
Aug 01
Leading Japanese telecom firm Softbank plans to open a business base in California with the aim of teaming up with major IT firms and developing new technologies. (NHK)
Jul 31
Japanese IT services provider NEC Corp said on Wednesday it would halt development of new smartphones and restrict its future smartphone business to existing models as it dramatically restructures its business. (Reuters)
Jul 31
Sharp Corp. is recalling 729,116 fully automatic washing machines due to the possibility of fire caused by defective electric wiring. (Yomiuri)
Jul 31
Google recently claimed that its Nexus 7 tablet was the most popular tablet in Japan, beating even the iPad. It turns out the claim was based on study that ignored sales from Apple's seven Apple Store locations, as well as sales from two large Japanese wireless carriers. (macobserver.com)
Jul 25
A major Japanese Internet service provider says 4 million sets of members' IDs and passwords have been stolen. (NHK)
Jul 25
Sony Corp. has said it will release head-mounted equipment that enables doctors to watch high-resolution three-dimensional images inside the bodies of patients during endoscopic surgeries. (Yomiuri)
Jul 23
Gangsters. Hostesses. And lots and lots of street fighting. No, this isn't a night in Shinjuku's Kabukicho red-light district. It's an evening with "Yakuza," Sega's crime opus on the Wii U. (Japan Times)
Jul 18
Sadly enough, NEC's share price rose 2.6% on the news that it is going to shutter its mobile phone unit. It's a tragic epitaph for what was once a genuinely exciting brand. It's also a sad reminder of the profound failure of Japan's technology industry. (Yahoo! News)
Jul 17
Over the last decade, people's behavior during their daily train ride has completely changed. In the past, Japanese were known to be avid readers of paperbacks (bunko) and manga magazines, and would do so even on Tokyo's notoriously crowded trains. Now, however, it is rare to spot someone on the train who is not staring into their cellphone. (Japan Times)
Jul 15
A personal computer at a company that once employed a man indicted on suspicion of illegally accessing other people's PCs showed traces of a virtual drive that could be used to store and operate computer viruses, according to sources. (Yomiuri)
Jul 13
This year's 33rd issue of Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump got a digital release on Saturday, the same day that the printed version went on sale in Japan. (animenewsnetwork.com)
Jul 09
Programmer Isamu Kaneko, developer of the widely used Winny file-sharing program, died Saturday night of an undisclosed illness at a Tokyo hospital, his relatives said Sunday. He was 42. (Japan Times)
Jul 09
As smartphones become more common, games for the multifunctional devices have turned into a hot commodity, with some logging huge download numbers and game makers for traditional cell phones shifting course toward what seems to be the future of gaming. (Yomiuri)
Jul 06
Nintendo Co. said Friday that it has detected nearly 24,000 unauthorized logins to its Club Nintendo membership Web site. (Jiji Press)
Jul 04
Sorry, Japan -- it looks like you're going to have to wait until next year to get a Xbox One. Microsoft announced that Japan will receive the Xbox One in early 2014 instead of late 2013. It will release in North America in November and Europe in either November or December of this year. (Daily Tech)
Jul 02
Apple hasn't confirmed that it is working on a smartwatch, or that the rumored device will be called "iWatch," but it has filed for a trademark on the name in Japan. That, in and of itself, isn't confirmation that Apple really does have a smartwatch in the works, but it sure does make the idea more plausible. (macobserver.com)
Jul 01
Apple apparently likes how the "iWatch" moniker fits a wearable computer and has reportedly applied for a trademark for the name in Japan. (CNET)
Jun 29
Battleship Island (aka Gunkanjima aka Hashima Island), the deserted city lair of James Bond villain Silva in Skyfall will no longer be a mystery to the world thanks to the Street View team's Trekker backpack device. (dvice.com)
Jun 28
The Southeast Asia-Japan Cable (SJC) system, is now up and running, aimed at offering a more resilient and cost effective option for operators to meet the region's growing bandwidth requirements. (zdnet.com)
Jun 27
In the culinary pecking order for Japanese mushrooms, the nameko, a gelatinous, light-brown, tack-size variety for the ordinary Joe, doesn't carry the meaty versatility of a shiitake or the high-price allure of the seasonal and fragrant matsutake. (Wall Street Journal)
Jun 26
Apple Inc. lost its appeal in a Japan lawsuit claiming that Samsung Electronics Co. infringed a patent for synchronizing music and video data on its Galaxy smartphones and tablets with servers. (Bloomberg)
Jun 25
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp. on Tuesday expressed readiness to add the iPhone of Apple Inc. to its mobile telecom subsidiary NTT Docomo Inc.'s lineup of handsets. (Kyodo)
Jun 21
A Tokyo court has ruled that Samsung infringed on Apple's patent covering a "bounce-back" feature used on the latter's smartphones and tablets. (zdnet.com)
Jun 20
Toyota Motor Corp. said Wednesday its Japanese-language corporate website had been hacked earlier this month. (Wall Street Journal)
Jun 19
Japan's public television broadcaster, NHK, has developed an array of video cameras that are synchronized to create "bullet time" shots like those popularized in the film The Matrix. (pcworld.com)
Jun 18
An organization to promote next-generation TV broadcasting technologies announced its inauguration in Tokyo on Monday. (NHK)
Jun 13
A full range of toys, from toy smartphones to new versions of well-known games, are on display at the International Tokyo Toy Show 2013, which opened Thursday ahead of Japan's summer shopping season. (Jiji Press)
Jun 13
Two rival game console makers have squared off with each other at the world's biggest game industry exhibition in Los Angeles. (NHK)
Jun 11
Sony Corp. (6758) unveiled the PlayStation 4, its first new console in seven years, taking the battle to Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) with a lower-priced machine, original content and fresh titles as it targets a return to video-game dominance. (Bloomberg)
Jun 11
Officials at East Japan Railway Company have begun asking people not to use mobile phones while walking inside train stations. (NHK)
Jun 09
With the rapid spread of smartphones, Internet search engine and social networking service firms are making aggressive efforts to develop their smartphone-related businesses in a bid to cash in. (Yomiuri)
Jun 09
Mixi Inc. plans to increase the number of applications it offers from two to 50 to bolster its profits through service charges, Mixi Executive Officer Yusuke Asakura said during an interview with The Yomiuri Shimbun. (Yomiuri)
Jun 01
Japan's public television broadcaster, NHK, is working on technology that will allow people to watch TV with their fingers. (pcworld.com)
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