Apr 17 Japan, S. Korea remain apart over comfort woman issue
Senior Japanese and South Korean diplomats on Wednesday held discussions on so-called comfort women, a key thorny issue between the two Asian countries, but failed to narrow their differences. (Jiji Press )
Apr 16 Japan's indigenous stealth jet prototype 'to fly this year'
Japanese Defence Minister Itsunori Onodera has reaffirmed the nation's plan for a 2014 first flight of the Advanced Technology Demonstrator-X (ATD-X) fighter: a prototype for a future fighter to replace the Japan Air Self-Defence Force's Mitsubishi F-2. (janes.com )
Apr 15 Abe said to have met former Chinese leader's son
Government sources have revealed that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe met the eldest son of late Chinese president Hu Yaobang last week. (NHK )
Apr 14 Japan, S. Korea to discuss comfort women Wed.
Japan and South Korea will hold bureau chief-level talks in Seoul on Wednesday on the issue of so-called comfort women, the two governments said Sunday. (Jiji Press )
Apr 13 Anti-whaling ruling saves face for Japan
The international court ruling against Japanese whaling last week may have given the government a convenient political out. (AP )
Apr 13 Japan minister visits controversial war shrine
A Japanese cabinet minister visited a controversial war shrine in Tokyo on Saturday, in a move that sparked rebukes from South Korea and China, both of whom view it as a symbol of Japan's past militarism. (The West )
Apr 13 G20 eyeing fallout from Ukraine; pushes U.S. on IMF reforms
The world's top economies are monitoring the economic situation in Ukraine for any fallout that may pose risks to economic and financial stability, the Group of 20 finance ministers and central bankers said on Friday in a final communique. (trust.org )
Apr 12 G-20 warns Ukraine crisis will thwart economic growth goal
Group of 20 finance chiefs acknowledged Friday the tottering economic situation in Ukraine threatened by Russia's intervention and any fallout of it as a risk that could hamper their efforts to achieve the economic growth target they set just two months ago. (Kyodo )
Apr 12 Asao picked as new leader of Your Party
Japanese opposition Your Party picked Secretary-General Keiichiro Asao as its new leader on Friday, after Yoshimi Watanabe stepped down from the post earlier this month to take responsibility for a loan scandal. (Jiji Press )
Apr 11 Japan decides new energy policy that supports use of nuclear power
The government of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe decided on a national energy policy Friday that supports the use of nuclear power now and in the future, retracting a nuclear phase-out goal introduced by its predecessor after the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi disaster. (Kyodo )
Apr 09 Ex-Chinese leader's son urges better ties
The eldest son of the late Chinese leader Hu Yaobang has urged China and Japan to mend their strained ties. (NHK )
Apr 08 Japan, US, S.Korea discuss N.Korea
Senior officials of Japan, the United States and South Korea have jointly warned North Korea to stop provocative acts. They also reaffirmed stepping up sanctions on the North if it conducts another nuclear test. (NHK )
Apr 08 Japan reported to have asked Ukraine to return environment funds
Japan has requested that Ukraine reimburse funds for environmental projects linked to the Kyoto Protocol on climate change because they have not been used properly, a Ukrainian minister was quoted as saying by Russia's Interfax news agency, a claim refuted by Japanese diplomats. (Kyodo )
Apr 08 Your Party leader quits over unreported loans for election
Your Party leader Yoshimi Watanabe said Monday he will quit as head of the small opposition party amid a scandal over unreported loans from a corporate executive, possibly dealing a blow to the party's survival. (Kyodo )
Apr 06 U.S. to deploy 2 more Aegis ships in Japan
U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel unveiled the country's plan on Sunday to deploy two more Aegis destroyers with ballistic missile defense capabilities in Japan by 2017, following North Korea's medium-range missile launches in late March. (Jiji Press )
Apr 06 Japan ordered SDF to destroy any N. Korean missiles launched
Japanese Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera on Thursday ordered the nation's Self-Defense Forces to destroy North Korean ballistic missiles if any are launched and threaten to fall within Japanese territory, a government source said Saturday. (Kyodo )
Apr 06 Robust Japan-U.S. alliance remains unchanged: Abe tells Hagel
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said at the start of talks Saturday with U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel that he will send a strong message that the robust Japan-U.S. alliance remains unchanged. (Kyodo )
Apr 05 Lower House passes nuclear pacts with Turkey, UAE
Japan's Lower House approved bills on civilian nuclear cooperation agreements with Turkey and the United Arab Emirates. (NHK )
Apr 05 Japan's Your Party leader faces money scandal
The leader of a small opposition party in Japan is embroiled in a deepening loan scandal. (NHK )
Apr 04 Japan decides to invite Obama as state guest April 24-25
The Japanese government decided at a cabinet meeting Friday to invite U.S. President Barack Obama to Japan as a state guest on April 24-25. (Jiji Press )
Apr 04 Japan ruling bloc OKs new energy plan
Japan's ruling coalition of the Liberal Democratic Party and New Komeito approved Thursday a government-drafted basic energy plan for the nation that calls for accelerating efforts to promote renewable energy. (Jiji Press )
Apr 03 Virginia's dual-name bill on Sea of Japan enacted
A bill that requires public school textbooks in Virginia to refer to the Sea of Japan also as the East Sea has become law as Terry McAuliffe, governor of the U.S. state, signed it, officials of the secretariat for the Virginia state assembly said Wednesday. (Jiji Press )
Apr 03 Hakodate city files suit to suspend MOX reactor construction
The city of Hakodate in Hokkaido filed a lawsuit Thursday against the state and a power company seeking suspension of a plan to build the world's first plutonium-uranium mixed oxide fuel reactor due to safety concerns. (Kyodo )
Apr 02 Tokyo police tightening security ahead of Obama's visit
Tokyo's Metropolitan Police Department is tightening security ahead of U.S. President Barack Obama's scheduled visit to Japan late this month. (Jiji Press )
Mar 31 Japan-N.Korea talks to enter 2nd day
Negotiators from Japan and North Korea will begin their second day of talks in Beijing on Monday. It is the first such bilateral meeting since November 2012. (NHK )
Mar 29 Japan to revise ODA guidelines for strategic use
Japan plans to revise its guidelines for dispersing over $10 billion in official development assistance, the first overhaul in 11 years, to make the assistance provided to developing nations more strategically effective and reflective of changing world realities, the government said Friday. (Kyodo )
Mar 28 U.N. Security Council raps North Korea's ballistic missile launch
The U.N. Security Council on Thursday issued a press statement condemning North Korea's medium-range ballistic missile launches earlier this week and agreed to discuss further steps against the country. (Jiji Press )
Mar 28 Prosecutors demand fine for ex-Tokyo governor
Tokyo prosecutors have demanded that former Tokyo Governor Naoki Inose pay a fine for violating the public offices election law. (NHK )
Mar 27 Lawmaker Watanabe describes huge loans as personal
Yoshimi Watanabe, leader of small opposition Your Party, said Thursday a large amount of money he borrowed from a businessman was personal loans and denied any law violations. (Jiji Press )
Mar 27 Obama brings together leaders of Japan, S. Korea
President Barack Obama scored a small but significant diplomatic coup Tuesday by bringing together the leaders of key Asian allies Japan and South Korea for their first face-to-face meeting since they both took office more than a year ago. (staradvertiser.com )
Mar 27 Japan Defense Ministry launches cyber defense unit
Japan's Defense Ministry has launched a unit to defend its computer systems against cyberattacks. (NHK )
Mar 26 Japan protests against North Korea's missile firing
The Japanese government lodged a protest against North Korea's firing of two middle-range ballistic missiles into the Sea of Japan on Wednesday. (Jiji Press )
Mar 26 N. Korea launches mid-range ballistic missiles: report
North Korea launched Wednesday two Rodong medium-range ballistic missiles from north of its capital Pyongyang toward the east, South Korea's Yonhap News Agency reported, citing the South Korean military's Joint Chiefs of Staff. (Kyodo )
Mar 26 Japan foreign minister likely to postpone Russia visit
Japan's Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida is likely to postpone a visit to Russia planned for April, the Japanese Jiji news agency said on Tuesday, citing government sources. Tokyo's ties with Moscow grow have grown chilly after Russia's seizure of Crimea. (voanews.com )
Mar 25 G-7 leaders to skip G-8 summit in Russia over Ukraine
Leaders of the Group of Seven major industrial countries said Monday that they will boycott a planned Group of Eight summit in Sochi, Russia, in June because of Russia's involvement in the Ukraine crisis. (Jiji Press )
Mar 25 Ex-Tokyo Governor Inose to face criminal charges
Prosecutors are considering filing criminal charges against former Tokyo Governor Naoki Inose over his receipts of 50 million yen from a medical group, informed sources said Monday. (Jiji Press )
Mar 25 U.S. to help in 'elimination' of sensitive Japanese nuclear stockpile
Japan will turn over hundreds of kilograms (pounds) of sensitive nuclear material of potential use in bombs to the United States to be downgraded and disposed of, the two countries' leaders said as a nuclear security summit began on Monday. (Reuters )
Mar 25 China, S. Korea leaders hail memorial for assassin of ex-Japan prime minister
In a joint move likely to provoke a backlash from Japan, the Chinese and South Korean presidents on Sunday welcomed the establishment of a memorial hall for a South Korean who assassinated Hirobumi Ito, Japan's first prime minister, about a century ago. (Jiji Press )
Mar 25 China, S. Korea leaders hail memorial for assassin of ex-Japan prime minister
In a joint move likely to provoke a backlash from Japan, the Chinese and South Korean presidents on Sunday welcomed the establishment of a memorial hall for a South Korean who assassinated Hirobumi Ito, Japan's first prime minister, about a century ago. (Jiji Press )
Mar 25 Japan firm pays $780k to win $41m Vietnam ODA project in Vietnam: paper
The president of a Japanese railway consulting firm has confessed that it had paid over US$780,000 in kickbacks in Vietnam to win an order for a project funded by Japanese official development assistance (ODA) worth more than $41 million, the Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper reported. (tuoitrenews.vn )
Mar 24 Man arrested for mailing bullet to lawmaker who gave letter to emperor
A 55-year-old unemployed man has been arrested for mailing a shotgun cartridge with a threatening note to a lawmaker last Nov 19. The cartridge, along with a note saying "I'm going to kill you," was sent to novice Japanese lawmaker Taro Yamamoto. (Japan Today )
Mar 24 Hashimoto reelected Osaka mayor
Toru Hashimoto, who resigned as Osaka mayor last month to seek public mandate for his mission to create an Osaka metropolis, won Sunday's Osaka mayoral election, defeating three other candidates. (The Japan News )
Mar 24 5 years on, MSDF still working to rid seas off Somalia of pirates
Late March marks five years since the Maritime Self-Defense Force began its antipiracy mission in waters off Somalia in 2009, with personnel working constantly under an atmosphere of great tension. (The Japan News )
Mar 23 Abe reiterates resolve on collective self-defense
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Saturday reiterated his determination to change the government's interpretation of the constitution in order to remove the country's self-imposed ban on the exercise of its right to collective self-defense. (Jiji Press )
Mar 23 Prosecutors search places linked to ex-Tokyo Gov. Inose
Prosecutors have searched several places linked to former Tokyo Gov. Naoki Inose as part of their investigation into his receipt of 50 million yen from a major Japanese hospital chain, sources close to the issue said Saturday. (Global Post )
Mar 22 Japan, U.S., S. Korea to hold summit next week in Netherlands
Japan, the United States and South Korea will hold a summit on the sidelines of the Nuclear Security Summit in the Netherlands on Monday and Tuesday, Tokyo and Seoul announced Friday. (Kyodo )
Mar 21 Diet enacts 95.88 tril. yen FY 2014 budget
Japan's parliament on Thursday enacted a budget for fiscal 2014 totaling a record 95.88 trillion yen, with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe pledging to prevent a sharp economic downturn in the wake of the consumption tax hike from next month. (Kyodo )
Mar 21 Tokushukai founder: Y50 mil. offered to Inose for campaign
Torao Tokuda, founder of the Tokushukai hospital group, has told investigators that Tokushukai's offer of ¥50 million to Naoki Inose just before he was elected governor of Tokyo in 2012 was intended as a loan to fund his electoral campaign, investigative sources said. (The Japan News )
Mar 21 Govt. pledges probe into ODA kickbacks
Japan's foreign minister has pledged to firmly look into the allegation that a Japanese company gave kickbacks to foreign officials for projects funded by the country's ODA. (NHK )
Mar 20 Japan, N. Korea diplomats hold informal talks in China
Japanese and North Korean diplomats held informal talks in China on Wednesday, as the possibility emerges of the two countries resuming formal dialogue for the first time since November 2012. (Kyodo )
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