Mar 06
The government has begun cracking down on unauthorized tourist-related businesses that are allegedly ripping off visitors from abroad. (Japan Times)
Mar 05
At dusk, the bars and restaurants that crowd the underside of the tracks at Yurakucho Station come alive. (Japan Times)
Mar 04
Japanese government officials say a record-high number of foreign tourists stayed in hotels in Japan last year. (NHK)
Mar 03
Japan's government is to recommend that UNESCO put 10 of the country's traditional community festivals on its list of intangible cultural heritage. (NHK)
Mar 02
The Japanese government said Wednesday it plans to ban smoking in restaurants and impose a fine of up to 300,000 yen on individuals who violate the rule, as the host country of the 2020 Olympics wants to implement firmer measures to counter passive smoking. (Japan Today)
Mar 02
Private citizens in Japan will be allowed to rent out rooms or entire homes to travelers for up to 180 days a year, according to a draft bill agreed on Wednesday by the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, an attempt to promote tourism while showing consideration for party supporters in the hotel industry. (Nikkei)
Feb 27
A 28.5-kilomater section of the Kenoudo Expressway in Ibaraki Prefecture opened on Sunday, allowing the belt highway to link the six major expressways stretching from the Tokyo metropolitan area to various other regions in Japan. (Jiji)
Feb 26
With over 3 million visitors from abroad visiting the ancient capital of Kyoto in fiscal 2015, getting around with an official interpreter would have meant relying on government-qualified guides. (Japan Times)
Feb 26
An event marking the start of the whirlpool-watching season has been held in the Naruto Strait in western Japan. (NHK)
Feb 24
A Japanese railway operator has unveiled a luxury sleeper train. Operation of Twilight Express Mizukaze will begin in June. (NHK)
Feb 24
Japanese officials are testing a smart card system that would allow shops and other tourism-related companies to tailor their services to individual foreign travelers. (NHK)
Feb 23
Municipalities that have been protecting deer populations as a tourism resource or natural asset are now increasingly struggling with how to manage overpopulation of the animals. (the-japan-news.com)
Feb 23
The tracks of the now-defunct Takachiho Railway in Miyazaki Prefecture - discontinued due to damage caused by Typhoon No. 14 in 2005 - have been revived as a popular tourist attraction that carried 26,000 passengers in fiscal 2015. (the-japan-news.com)
Feb 21
Twenty-eight hospitals in Japan have been registered on a government list of medical institutions recommended for non-Japanese as Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's administration seeks to promote the nation's advanced medical services. (Japan Times)
Feb 21
The Tokyo metropolitan government plans to introduce alphanumeric route displays for its bus services as early as in 2018, informed sources told Jiji Press on Tuesday. (the-japan-news.com)
Feb 21
Tokyo International Airport's Terminal 2, currently for domestic flights, is slated to host international flights as well, from March 2020 ahead of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics that year, informed sources have said. (Jiji)
Feb 20
The Japanese government has drawn up a bill to set a stay limit of 180 days annually for "minpaku" private lodging services, according to informed sources. (Jiji)
Feb 20
Crowds of men wearing nothing but loincloths joined a nighttime festival in western Japan, vying to catch wooden sticks said to bring good luck. (NHK)
Feb 19
In preparation for the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2020, the Fire and Disaster Management Agency is planning to provide 24-hour foreign language services for 119 emergency calls nationwide. (the-japan-news.com)
Feb 18
Gusty spring winds brought unseasonably warm weather to Tokyo and other parts of Japan on Friday. (NHK)
Feb 16
All Nippon Airways opened a new route connecting Narita International Airport near Tokyo and Mexico City on Wednesday, becoming the first Japanese air carrier to launch regular flights directly linking Japan and Mexico. (Jiji)
Feb 16
When picturing famous Japanese castles, people often have in mind vivid cherry blossoms or clear-blue skies in the background. Recently, however, castles are becoming more attractive at night through efforts such as projection mapping technology. (the-japan-news.com)
Feb 15
The number of foreign visitors to Japan in January hit 2.3 million, up 24 percent from the same period last year, the tourism ministry said Wednesday, thanks to a boost in travelers from China and Taiwan during the Lunar New Year holiday. (Japan Times)
Feb 14
A couple pose inside a snow hut with a heart-shaped entrance, made especially for Valentine's Day, at a square near the city office building in Yokote, Akita Prefecture, on Tuesday night. (Japan Today)
Feb 13
Tokyo taxi operators that cut their minimum fares last month are seeing a surge in short hops in the city center. (NHK)
Feb 12
A cold strong air mass is bringing heavy snowfalls to western Japan. Weather officials say the peak is over, but they warn of more snow. (NHK)
Feb 12
AirAsia Japan plans to make its second attempt to take off in Japan's low-cost carrier market by the middle of this year with an announcement expected to be made by the end of this month. (nst.com.my)
Feb 10
People shield themselves from snow while walking in Mito on Thursday morning, as snowfalls were seen in various parts of the country due to a low pressure system moving across Japan. (the-japan-news.com)
Feb 09
A state guest house in Tokyo has become a popular tourist attraction after the start of its year-round public opening last year. (NHK)
Feb 09
The city government of Kyoto, western Japan, and local residents are stepping up their efforts to remove utility poles from a main street in the Pontocho traditional entertainment district in a bid to re-create an old townscape. (Jiji)
Feb 07
Average prices at Tokyo and Osaka hotels during the Lunar New Year holiday slumped sharply this year despite a continued rise in visitors to Japan, probably due to the growing popularity of short-term home rentals as an alternative. (Nikkei)
Feb 07
The 68th annual Sapporo Snow Festival opened on Monday, putting on display a total of 200 snow and ice sculptures at three sites, including Odori Park at the heart of Sapporo, capital of Hokkaido, northernmost Japan. (Jiji)
Feb 05
Japan Airlines and ANA Holdings' All Nippon Airways will roughly double their fuel surcharge starting on tickets bought in April in response to a softer yen since the U.S. presidential election in November and an agreement by OPEC that same month to cut oil production. (Nikkei)
Feb 03
The Japanese government aims to establish 500 areas for homestays on farms and fishing communities across the country to help attain its goal of boosting the annual number of foreign visitors to 40 million by 2020, according to a draft action plan on tourism promotion obtained Thursday by Kyodo News. (Kyodo)
Feb 02
Japan's largest winter event, the Sapporo Snow Festival, kicked off in part on Feb. 1 in Hokkaido's largest city. Held annually, the festival draws around 2 million people from across the country and overseas to its three sites. (Japan Times)
Feb 02
The Japanese government submitted to UNESCO on Wednesday its proposal for a chain of islands in the country's southwest and a dozen sites linked to the history of Japan's persecuted Christians to be added to the natural and cultural sites on the World Heritage list. (Japan Today)
Feb 02
The Ginza 6-10 District Urban Redevelopment Partnership announced Wednesday that it held a ceremony at the new Ginza Six mixed-use complex to mark the completion of construction on Jan 31. (Japan Today)
Jan 31
In an effort to become a travel destination instead of a mere transit point, Nagoya is asking the public to help create a slogan or catchphrase the city can use for tourism posters and websites to improve its appeal. (Japan Times)
Jan 31
The Hokkaido city of Hakodate on Monday appointed Jakarta-based pop idol group JKT48 as tourism ambassadors in a bid to draw visitors from Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries. (Japan Times)
Jan 30
The starting fare for taxis mainly in densely populated areas of Tokyo was cut to 410 yen on Monday from 730 yen as the industry aims to spur demand for short-distance rides in response to the falling number of taxi users. (Jiji)
Jan 30
While Japan might be known as a technologically advanced country, there are those who visit to experience the rural environment. (rocketnews24.com)
Jan 30
At JR Tokyo Station one day at 10 p.m., a Filipino family of five boarded an overnight bus bound for Kyoto. Having started their vacation in Osaka, they had made their way to the capital by the same means and were now on their way back to Western Japan. During their 10 days in Japan, they would not stay at hotel even once. (Nikkei)
Jan 29
An airport in western Japan is crowded with Chinese and other travelers arriving for the Lunar New Year holidays. (NHK)
Jan 28
Japan Airlines <9201> on Friday operated a passenger flight from Narita International Airport that allowed dogs to stay with their owners in the cabin during the air travel. (Jiji)
Jan 27
The operator of Narita Airport near Tokyo says the number of foreigners who used the facility for international flights last year marked a record high and exceeded that of Japanese passengers. (NHK)
Jan 26
Japanese capsule toy mania is here! So -- what's inside this famous gachapon game center in Akihabara? Join John on a virtual tour and adventure in a shop with hundreds of them stacked to the ceiling. (ONLY in JAPAN)
Jan 25
A tour package featuring the "Nagamare Kaikyo" sightseeing train in Hokkaido, northernmost Japan, won the grand prize in a contest to honor great railroad tours in the nation, the executive committee of the Tetsutabi Of The Year award said Wednesday. (Jiji)
Jan 25
A weather observatory in Japan's northernmost city of Wakkanai says it has spotted ice floes offshore for the first time this winter. (NHK)
Jan 25
Heavy snow in western Japan left at least 300 vehicles stranded on major roads in Tottori Prefecture, but all have now been dug out. (NHK)
Jan 24
More than 300 vehicles were temporarily stuck in the snow in Tottori Prefecture, western Japan, between Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning. (Jiji)
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