Feb 02
The Ginza 6-10 District Urban Redevelopment Partnership announced Wednesday that it held a ceremony at the new Ginza Six mixed-use complex to mark the completion of construction on Jan 31. (Japan Today)
Jan 31
In an effort to become a travel destination instead of a mere transit point, Nagoya is asking the public to help create a slogan or catchphrase the city can use for tourism posters and websites to improve its appeal. (Japan Times)
Jan 31
The Hokkaido city of Hakodate on Monday appointed Jakarta-based pop idol group JKT48 as tourism ambassadors in a bid to draw visitors from Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries. (Japan Times)
Jan 30
The starting fare for taxis mainly in densely populated areas of Tokyo was cut to 410 yen on Monday from 730 yen as the industry aims to spur demand for short-distance rides in response to the falling number of taxi users. (Jiji)
Jan 30
While Japan might be known as a technologically advanced country, there are those who visit to experience the rural environment. (rocketnews24.com)
Jan 30
At JR Tokyo Station one day at 10 p.m., a Filipino family of five boarded an overnight bus bound for Kyoto. Having started their vacation in Osaka, they had made their way to the capital by the same means and were now on their way back to Western Japan. During their 10 days in Japan, they would not stay at hotel even once. (Nikkei)
Jan 29
An airport in western Japan is crowded with Chinese and other travelers arriving for the Lunar New Year holidays. (NHK)
Jan 28
Japan Airlines <9201> on Friday operated a passenger flight from Narita International Airport that allowed dogs to stay with their owners in the cabin during the air travel. (Jiji)
Jan 27
The operator of Narita Airport near Tokyo says the number of foreigners who used the facility for international flights last year marked a record high and exceeded that of Japanese passengers. (NHK)
Jan 26
Japanese capsule toy mania is here! So -- what's inside this famous gachapon game center in Akihabara? Join John on a virtual tour and adventure in a shop with hundreds of them stacked to the ceiling. (ONLY in JAPAN)
Jan 25
A tour package featuring the "Nagamare Kaikyo" sightseeing train in Hokkaido, northernmost Japan, won the grand prize in a contest to honor great railroad tours in the nation, the executive committee of the Tetsutabi Of The Year award said Wednesday. (Jiji)
Jan 25
A weather observatory in Japan's northernmost city of Wakkanai says it has spotted ice floes offshore for the first time this winter. (NHK)
Jan 25
Heavy snow in western Japan left at least 300 vehicles stranded on major roads in Tottori Prefecture, but all have now been dug out. (NHK)
Jan 24
More than 300 vehicles were temporarily stuck in the snow in Tottori Prefecture, western Japan, between Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning. (Jiji)
Jan 24
People in western Japan are facing heavy snow as a strong cold air mass hits the region. (NHK)
Jan 23
The Japanese government wants city governments and cruise ship operators to join hands in building large harbors exclusively for cruise ships, eyeing an economic boost through increased tourism. (Nikkei)
Jan 23
The government has decided to launch an online service to allow foreign nationals to apply and update their residency status in Japan from fiscal 2018, one of a series of measures aimed at improving business efficiency to attract more foreign investment. (Japan Times)
Jan 23
Foreign tourists should be able to access almost half of Japan's ATMs for cash using overseas-issued debit or credit cards by the end of 2018, though the country still will lag most Western nations in offering this convenience. (Nikkei)
Jan 22
The Japan Tourism Agency plans to keep malicious tour operators from the business for five years to prevent foreign tourists in the country from being involved in trouble caused by them, informed sources said Saturday. (Jiji)
Jan 20
Over 9.4 million foreign tourists visited Osaka last year, the largest number ever, Osaka tourism authorities announced earlier this week. (Japan Times)
Jan 18
A drop in per-person spending by foreign tourists in 2016 has highlighted challenges Japan needs to overcome to meet its goal of achieving 8-trillion-yen spending by them, pundits pointed out Tuesday. (Jiji)
Jan 16
Snow continues to fall in many parts of Japan, causing fatal accidents and disrupting traffic. (NHK)
Jan 16
After 17 years in the Japan travel business, you might have thought we'd seen everything there is to see. And it's true – we have explored every inch of Japan, toured every prefecture, eaten in thousands of restaurants and slept at countless hotels. Yet in a country as fast-paced as Japan, there's always something new and exciting happening to make us see our favourite destinations in a different light. So in 2017, where will we be heading? (insidejapantours.com)
Jan 12
Kanto Bus Co. and transport company Ryobi Holdings said Wednesday they will introduce a luxury overnight bus, the Dream Sleeper, to link Tokyo and Osaka on Jan. 18, offering secluded compartments for each passenger. (Japan Times)
Jan 11
Japan's public and private sectors are stepping up efforts to accommodate an annual 40 million visitors from abroad -- a target figure the government set for 2020. (Nikkei)
Jan 11
The number of visitors to Japan in 2016 jumped 21.8 pct from the previous year to an estimated 24,039,000, renewing its record high for the fourth successive year, Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Minister Keiichi Ishii said Tuesday. (Jiji)
Jan 11
Tokyo Disney Resort will not raise admission for the first time in four years as attendance levels off, while thriving Osaka rival Universal Studios Japan will hike its price yet again. (Nikkei)
Jan 09
Four of the five traditional hanamachi entertainment districts in Kyoto held ceremonies to start business for the New Year on Saturday. (the-japan-news.com)
Jan 08
Japan's transport ministry will carry out renovations at Tokyo's Haneda Airport in preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. (NHK)
Jan 04
A number of top-class hotels and ryokan inns are expected to open this year in Hakone, Kanagawa Prefecture, targeting primarily wealthy guests and women. (the-japan-news.com)
Jan 04
People gathered in a town in Yamanashi Prefecture early Tuesday morning to see a rare natural phenomenon. (NHK)
Jan 03
The New Year holiday U-turn rush peaked on Tuesday as thousands of holidaymakers crowded airports, train stations and expressways on their way home. (Japan Today)
Jan 02
Airbnb, a network that allows people all over the world to host visitors in their home, released a ranking titled, Top Places to Visit in 2017. The scenic and southern Melbourne, Australia, the romantic port city of Marseille, France, and the green, green city of Dublin, Ireland made the top 20, to no one's surprise. What we are proud to say, though, is that a neighborhood in Japan stole the fourth spot over Marseille and Dublin. (Japan Today)
Dec 31
The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has published a video online to promote a subway line it operates in an effort to attract more passengers. (NHK)
Dec 31
A large shrine in central Tokyo is preparing for crowds of worshippers on New Years' Day. (NHK)
Dec 30
Kinkaku-ji, a renowned golden temple in Japan's ancient capital of Kyoto, is covered with a blanket of snow. (NHK)
Dec 29
The New Year holiday exodus from Tokyo and other cities began on Thursday, with vacationers crowding train stations, airports and expressways. (Japan Today)
Dec 28
Universal Studios Japan will raise ticket prices in February, theme park operator USJ said Tuesday, for an eighth consecutive year of increases. (Nikkei)
Dec 27
KDDI Corp. and a taxi company are testing the feasibility of taxis equipped with automatic translation systems. (the-japan-news.com)
Dec 26
Dozens of Chinese tourists rioted last week after being stranded at New Chitose Airport due to record snowfall, reports TBS News (Dec. 26). (tokyoreporter.com)
Dec 26
Visitors enjoy the night lights of the State Guest House in Minato Ward, Tokyo, on Saturday. (the-japan-news.com)
Dec 25
The heaviest December snowfall in Hokkaido in 50 years forced the cancellation on Saturday of nearly 100 airline flights and hundreds of trains, according to transport companies and authorities. (Japan Today)
Dec 22
Officials at Japan National Tourism Organization say an estimated 1.9 million foreign visitors came to Japan in November. That's a record high for the month. (NHK)
Dec 21
Japan's transport ministry said Tuesday that it will lower the taxi starting fare to 410 yen from the current 730 yen mainly in central Tokyo from Jan. 30, 2017. (Jiji)
Dec 21
NA has taken delivery of its first Airbus A320neo, becoming the first A320neo operator in Japan. (Japan Today)
Dec 20
A memorial event was held Monday to mark the cumulative number of passengers of the Shibayama Railway Line, known as the shortest rail in Japan, exceeding 10 million 14 years after its opening. (Jiji)
Dec 20
Qantas on Monday launched flights between Melbourne and Tokyo Narita. (Japan Today)
Dec 19
Now's your change to look just like John, Paul, George, and Ringo did when they first touched down in Tokyo in 1966. (rocketnews24.com)
Dec 19
Japan's foreign ministry will ease visa requirements for Russian nationals to promote people-to-people exchanges. The move came after the Japan-Russia summit held last Thursday and Friday. (NHK)
Dec 18
An amusement park in southwestern Japan that sparked a flood of criticism for using thousands of frozen fish in an ice rink said Friday it will be closing at the end of 2017. (Japan Today)
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