30 Jan
Japan's Fujitsu on Friday boosted its full-year net profit forecast thanks to a sharp fall in the yen, despite its April-December earnings falling from a year ago. The sprawling information technology ...
29 Jan
Tokyo, Jan 29, 2015 - (JCN Newswire) - Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. today announced that it has developed a technology that, in the event of a cloud network failure, enables even non-experts to identify the impact of that failure on virtual systems - within 10 seconds. Up until now, when there were network failures, networking experts worked with server administrators as they needed to investigate ...
29 Jan
Fujitsu has revealed its plan to build additional annexes at its Tatebayashi System Centre and Akashi System Centre, its main data centres in Japan. According to the company, the structures will serve as the core facilities for speeding up its IoT and cloud businesses.
28 Jan
JDSU today announced that Fujitsu, a leading electronics corporation, granted JDSU the 2015 Distinguished Partner Award at its recent supplier event that included more than 600 attendees in Tokyo, Japan....
28 Jan
Tokyo, Jan 28, 2015 - (JCN Newswire) - Fujitsu today announced plans to construct new annexes at its Tatebayashi System Center and Akashi System Center, its main data centers in Japan, to serve as the core facilities for accelerating its IoT and cloud businesses. Construction will steadily move forward starting this month, with the Tatebayashi System Center's new annex set to open in April 2016 ...
27 Jan
Fujitsu has launched the first innovation hub at UTC Reading. Image credit: Fujitsu Fujitsu, in collaboration with Intel, has launched its Education Ambassador Programme, which aims to enhance teaching and unleash students' potential by putting technology at the heart of education.
23 Jan
The Education Ambassador Programme recognises institutions that use technology to enhance the learning experience and to develop digital skills for students and teachers
22 Jan
Fujitsu wants to make computer security more personalized with profiling software based on psychology. The manufacturer’s Fujitsu Laboratories is developing an enterprise tool that can identify and advise people who are more vulnerable to cyberattacks, based on how they use email and Web browsers as well as their keyboard and mouse actions. The software is designed on a belief that most ...
13 Jan
Fujitsu is continuing its push into wearables for the workplace with a prototype Bluetooth ring that lets users “write” in the air so they can work hands-free. The gestural device goes on the index finger and can be used to write Japanese characters, Latin letters or numbers in midair. A linked smartphone or other Bluetooth mobile device with a Fujitsu app can instantly recognize numbers written ...
8 Jan
Fujitsu Frontech North America Inc., a leader in innovative technology and front-end solutions will be demonstrating the state-of-the-art G750L bill recycling unit in booth number 1334 during the National Retail Federation’s Annual 2015 Convention & Expo at the Jacob K.
23 Aug
Japan stocks closed lower on Friday, breaking a nine-session string of gains. (
6 Feb
Police on Wednesday arrested a former employee of Fujitsu Frontech Ltd. on charges of illegally obtaining data on users of Bank of Yokohama automated teller machines and forging cash cards based on the information. (The Japan News)
11 Jan
Japanese mobile operator NTT Docomo said Friday that the launch of a new smartphone operating system to rival Google's Android and Apple's iOS had been pushed back owing to development delays. (
11 Oct
NTT Docomo Inc. unveiled 10 new smartphones Thursday to beef up its non-iPhone lineup for the winter-spring season and improve its competitiveness in a tight market. (Japan Times)
18 Sep
Broken wood pieces dangle and sway like autumn leaves from the window frames of vacant homes in Inariyato, part of Yokosuka in the greater-Tokyo urban area, where taped-over mailbox slots tell a story of abandonment. (Bloomberg)
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