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23 Jul
Japanese education minister Hakubun Shimomura said Tuesday that the government plans to introduce an income limit for free preschool education for five-year-old children. Families with an annual income of less than 3.6 million yen are expected to be eligible for the free schooling from fiscal 2015, Shimomura said at a press conference. The measure requires a state budget of some 30 billion yen per year. The proposed income ceiling may change as a result of talks between the [...]
23 Jul
The five biggest convenience store operators in Japan claimed more than 90% of the market by sales for the first time in fiscal 2013. Sales for all Japanese convenience store locations totaled 9.81 trillion yen ($95.7 billion) for fiscal 2013, according to a Nikkei survey.  The market continued to expand, with sales growing 4.6%, counting only companies for which year-on-year comparisons are possible. Convenience store chains opened 4,480 new stores, 8.4% more tha [...]
18 Jul
Many Japanese purchasers of e-books are facing a situation inconceivable to owners of conventional texts: They are no longer able to read the books they purchased. With an increasing number of e-book distributors withdrawing from the market, some people are calling for a new system to protect e-book consumers.  On May 29, Yamada Denki Co. notified users of its Yamada E-book service that it would discontinue its e-book distribution service.  The announcement was im [...]
13 Jul
Two years after celebrating the manga’s 20th anniversary, fans finally get their present In 1992, a 14-year-old Japanese girl set out to save our universe from total anhiliation. She became a hero for young women around the world, saving them from evil and from the macho male heroes that permeated the media at the time. Her name was Usagi Tsukino, but you may know her better as the one named Sailor Moon.  Two years ago, on the 20th anniversary of the release of [...]
11 Jul
Japan has a Kawaii Ambassadur - a cute ambassador. Yep, that is a thing. At least in Jaoan. Kawaii ambassador and model Misako Aoki travels such countries as France, Italy, South Korea, Spain, Russia and Brazil under the auspices of the Foreign Ministry. Lolita fashions served as one of the program's major highlights. During the time of the Kawaii Ambassadors program, the Japanese media used to ask her all the time: "Why Lolita fashion?" The reason is very clear. [...]
10 Jul
A government panel has adopted a proposal for regulatory changes that would block plans by discount mobile carrier Ymobile Corp. to offer fourth-generation wireless services. The proposal sets new conditions under which the communications ministry plans to allocate frequency bands for 4G services later this year.  Under the previous conditions, a company with a parent that holds one-third or more of its voting rights was forbidden from applying for frequency bands at the same time as [...]
7 Jul
While most ATMs in Tokyo are located in convenience stores, in train stations, or on important street corners, Tokyo’s first fully operational Bitcoin ATM is located in The Pink Cow, a Cal-Mex restaurant and bar in the middle of Roppongi. The bar is a popular expat hangout in the city, and is a gathering place for artists and musicians. More recently, the restaurant has been home to frequent gatherings of Bitcoin fans in Tokyo, and incidentally became the first restaurant in Japan to accept [...]
4 Jul
Fast-fashion titan Uniqlo had already ventured into the domain of smartphones applications with not-so-exciting Uniqlo Calendar, fashion-style browsing Uniqlooks or again Uniqlo Wake Up applications. However, the Japan-based brand has finally released something that speaks directly to its target customers with UTme!, an application that lets smartphone users design their own T-shirts. The idea is simple, and all you need is an iPhone or Android device. You input text, a [...]
20 Jun
Some 65% of global car purchases are decided by women, while in Japan Nissan is increasingly courting female consumers through new-look dealerships and staffing. In the Tokyo suburb of Fuchu, a pilot dealership managed by women underwent a design transformation this month to make the shopping experience more welcoming and easier. Called the “Ladies First” project, CEO Carlos Ghosn said the plan will broaden across Japan. “We’re going to go up to 300 stores in J [...]
16 Jun
The Japanese government will promote the use of robots to start a new industrial revolution and double the size of the robotics market in the manufacturing sector by 2020. It plans to include measures to promote the robotics industry in its draft of its new growth strategy. The government says robotics technology will be used to improve the productivity and profitability of Japanese businesses. The government hopes to double the robotics market in the manufacturing sec [...]
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