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20 Nov
Sony α7 Ⅱ (Alpha 7 2) - AkihabaraNews.com

Sony is going to release a full-frame mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera - α7 II (Alpha 7 Mark II) - for about ¥190,000 on December 5.

30 Sep
microCAST Reissue - Hayabusa 2: Romancing Asteroids - AkihabaraNews.com

AkihabaraNews MICROCAST

3 Jul
DarcNoodles Drops by Daikoku Parking Lot (GALLERY)

Daikoku - a Petrolhead's Mecca

Senior Contributor Nayalan Moodley has a thing for cars. We have much evidence:

2 Jul
Toyota's New THUMS 5 Virtual Human Model Visualizes Accident Impact

Toyota's new virtualization software, THUMS 5, now able to visualize accident impact on the human body from multiple postures.

1 Jul
Six Minutes to Ice Cubes with 405's High-Speed Freezer

Boiling’s Easy, Freezing Ain’t...Until Now!

How long does it take to boil water...anywhere from 2-5 minutes for the average cooking amount, right? It varies, of course, but regardless of your equipment, elevation, temperatures, etc., everyone knows one thing for certain: all things being equal, hot tea comes much faster than iced coffee. Such is life.

30 Jun
Holding Up the Tokyo Monorail (4K VIDEO)

And Now, Yet Another Worthy darwinfish105 Video for Our Collection:

27 Jun
Mirrored TOKYO Will Melt Your Brain (FLASHBACKERY)

Editor's Note:
We've shared this video before. Now we're doing it again. Have a watch - you'll see why.

The Stunning Visual Lovechild of Blade Runner and Inception 

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