The Next Generation Internet Trends in Japan and Asia
23 Apr
Jiji just reported[J] that the Kyoto and other police arrested the president of Osaka-based Home Page System by allowing FC2 users upload obscene videos. Ex-president and a brother of the FC2 founder is also under arrest. Home Page System has been claiming themselves as a PR company for FC2, one of the largest Japanese web … Continue reading The Head of Japan’s 4th Largest Web Company Arrested By Hosting Porn
15 Apr
[Update] Baidu Japan site is on, but there is no search form any more. Baidu Japan ( http://baidu.jp/ ), a Japanese arm of the Chinese largest search company Baidu, has been unreachablestopped offering search service for Japanese. SEM Research blog pointed out that the Baidu Japan’s search service was removed and the site only had … Continue reading Baidu Japan Shut Down Search Service
3 Apr
Canon Marketing’s iPhone app Perstext let you decorate your photo with text in perspective way. 遠近感のある文字で写真を飾る!写真加工アプリPERSTEXT(パーステキスト)Genre: 写真/ビデオ, エンターテインメントLanguage: English, JapanesePrice: freeVersion: 1.2.0Artist: Canon Marketing Japan Inc.Released at: October 30, 2014Screenshots The app supports Japanese and English but seems available only in Japanese app store so far. The app offers more effects and fonts with in-app … Continue reading Perstext – Draw Text Perspectively Over Photo From Canon
7 Mar
Mainichi reports[ja] that Minnano Seimei Hoken Advisor, a web service provides life insurance review, sent e-mails started with “To: Blacklist-sama” about 2,000 its customers by mistake. Power Planning, the company who runs the site, told to Mainichi that the customers received those mails are not the one on their real black lists, if you believe … Continue reading E-mail Mistakenly Addressed to Mr./Ms. “Blacklist”
7 Feb
Jun’ai Babah Gakuen (= pure romance granny school) is a new Android/iOS dating sim on which you may live as a male student and date with one-million-year-old grannies. Dating simulation has been featuring pigeons (English version available), creatures, alpaca, animals, T-rex, sushi, printer, etc. The game is to be released soon from the maker of … Continue reading Granny Dating Simulation Game – Jun’ai Babah Gakuen
24 Jan
Asahi reported today [J] that Aichi prefecture police had searched Amazon Japan head office at Meguro, Tokyo and Amazon Japan Logistics Center at Ichikawa, Chiba on suspicious of violation of child porn selling aid yesterday, January 23. It seems like that a two guys, already arrested last September, of a Tokyo-based used book shop sold … Continue reading Aichi Police Raids Amazon Japan over Child-porn Sales
16 Jan
Zaku is the most popular rival mobile suits series of Gundam. IT Media said the office workers are actors. The video is the first video of the Gundam Fever Project. via IT Media
14 Jan
Japanese social network Mixi announced that it adds experimentally double accounts feature on its browser versions both on PC and smartphone. Smartphone app version will follow and the feature is planned to be official around March, and may be switchable without re-log-in. Mixi says that the feature has been requested from users, who want to … Continue reading Mixi Adds The Second Account, Gives Users Another Face
10 Jan
Yahufoku, former Yahoo! Auction, Japan’s most successful auction service might not launch if then-US Yahoo COO Jerry Yang did not stick it, the current Yahuoku division unit manager told to Ascii.jp. According to him, who joined as an engineer to the team in 2001, Yahoo! (Japan) Auction’s launch in September 1999 (so this talker seemed … Continue reading Jerry Yang’s 1999 Order Thanked By Japanese Auction Dominator Yahuoku
10 Dec
Amazon Japan’s holiday sale campaign with Japan Railway East, is running an Amazon train on one of the Tokyo’s most crowded, most frequent line JR Chuo-line.
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