The Next Generation Internet Trends in Japan and Asia
29 Sep
AllAbout Inc., a Japanese company which originally started as a joint-venture between Recruit and US About.com, running All About in Japanese, announced today [J] September 29th that its multi language sites AllAbout Japan, initially with English. According to the release, the site will have original articles by 500 Japan expert foreign writers, who both live … Continue reading AllAbout Launches Non-Japanese AllAbout Japan for Foreign Visitors
28 Sep
Twitter Japan(@TwitterJP) announced that it started signboard ads for passengers using Shimbashi station for one months. 新橋駅をご利用の皆さん。今朝から1ヶ月、(Twitter初の)駅広告が始まります。通勤、通学の機会に、ぜひご覧ください。いくつかの路線でも車内広告を行っていますので、こちらもご覧くださいね。 pic.twitter.com/90CPG3lxDT — TwitterJP (@TwitterJP) September 27, 2015 This one says “Twitter knows the buzzed news.” Twitter、新橋付近の路線に車内広告 – JRや丸ノ内線など http://t.co/n7KOqGfIaL — 【公式】マイナビニュース 新着記事 (@mn_all) September 28, 2015 “When Twitter is telling you it is buzzed, it is surely buzzed … Continue reading Twitter Japan Begins Adboard in Central Tokyo
9 Sep
Japanese beverage distributor Dydo Drinco (TSE: 2590) jointly invented president-message speaking vending machine with Kyoto-based Taxi company MK Co.. The release shows some voice message samples. When you throw in coins, it says “Yes, adjust your cloths and make smile”. When the can is served, it might speak “Thank you as always”. 6 of the … Continue reading Vending Machine Talks to Employees in President’s Voice
31 Aug
[Update] It seems fixed now (21:40 31th) Google’s instant stock search feature, one of the quick search results shown at the top of search results page, has been showing ten-thousandfold high price for stock prices on Japanese market today. (Nintendo stock on Google and Yahoo! Japan Finance) American stocks seem to be okay. Only Japanese … Continue reading All Japanese Stocks Jump Up 10000% on Google Search
30 May
Budget immersive movie experience has been around Japanese Twitter. coined term ダンボール映画館(cardboard theater) うし!!映画だwwww pic.twitter.com/xSRT3P7LTF — ちーず (@hrhr_mumu) December 27, 2013 段ボール映画館、実際に作った人から絶賛の声しか聞かないし私もやってみよう pic.twitter.com/Iwa2Uc1EGL — 透明ランナー (@_k18) April 24, 2015 今話題のダンボール映画館をやってみた!!!!!!wwwwwwwwww pic.twitter.com/2VUfsntjPY — 新型のたもえ(TamolarM) (@dj_tmlrm_izgn) May 7, 2015 弟の考えた簡易映画館が天才的と俺の中で話題に pic.twitter.com/rb2vYvObe7 — ゆーき (@_KYV_) August 14, 2014 映画館つくった。真ん中にiPhoneおいてもぐったら下みたいになる!すごいわこれ! pic.twitter.com/8g7QYDyuYk — ゆうか ながお (@ex_am_yuu) January 2, 2014 なんかダンボール映画館とかゆうて ダンボールにスマホの画面の大きさの 穴あけて映画見てる、、笑 あほやわ〜笑 Twitterで流行ってるとかゆうてるけど ほんまなんかな〜笑 … Continue reading Cardboard Theater Meme – Good for Japanese Small House
30 May
According to ITmedia Mobile, NTT Docomo announced the termination of BlackBerry network service by March 31 2017. New application will be stopped at November 30th this year.
25 May
Microsoft Japan announced today that its employees are to get Lumia 830 instead of their current Windows Phone IS12T, Windows Phone device which are not sold in Japan. The announcement also notes that the company got Lumia 830’s Giteki-certification only for this purpose, to legalize its employees’ usage of the phone. IS12T, made by Fujitsu … Continue reading Microsoft Japan Finally Upgrades Staffs’ 4 Years-old Windows Phone
23 Apr
Jiji just reported[J] that the Kyoto and other police arrested the president of Osaka-based Home Page System by allowing FC2 users upload obscene videos. Ex-president and a brother of the FC2 founder is also under arrest. Home Page System has been claiming themselves as a PR company for FC2, one of the largest Japanese web … Continue reading The Head of Japan’s 4th Largest Web Company Arrested By Hosting Porn
15 Apr
[Update] Baidu Japan site is on, but there is no search form any more. Baidu Japan ( http://baidu.jp/ ), a Japanese arm of the Chinese largest search company Baidu, has been unreachablestopped offering search service for Japanese. SEM Research blog pointed out that the Baidu Japan’s search service was removed and the site only had … Continue reading Baidu Japan Shut Down Search Service
3 Apr
Canon Marketing’s iPhone app Perstext let you decorate your photo with text in perspective way. 遠近感のある文字で写真を飾る!写真加工アプリPERSTEXT(パーステキスト)Genre: 写真/ビデオ, エンターテインメントLanguage: English, JapanesePrice: freeVersion: 1.3.3Artist: Canon Marketing Japan Inc.Released at: October 30, 2014Screenshots The app supports Japanese and English but seems available only in Japanese app store so far. The app offers more effects and fonts with in-app … Continue reading Perstext – Draw Text Perspectively Over Photo From Canon
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