The Next Generation Internet Trends in Japan and Asia
23 Oct
Asahi reported that Google Japan answered them that they would remove the items ordered by Tokyo District Court. Complainer’s agent confirmed that most of the items are not showing up on Google Search results. The complainer had claimed that Google showing the pages with implying that he was related with crimes is an invasion of […]

Google Agreed To Remove 122 Items By Court Order

17 Oct
Project J-deite, a joint group of three companies, Brave Robotics, Asratec and Takara Tommy, demonstrated its transforming car-robot J-deite, though the size is 1/4 of the final version. Takara-Tommy, is a Japanese toy company known by making Transformers. According to Brave Robotics site, 1/2 scale robot is planned to be made in 2015, then 1/1 […]

J-Deite Shows Real Transformer Car/Robot

15 Oct
The new short episodes of Sci-Fi anime series Steins;Gate is released on IBM Japan’s “Cognitive Computing” promotion site Mugendai Web (infinite web). The series name is “聡明叡智のコグニティブ・コンピューティング”(cognitive computing of sagacious wisdom). Episode I Cooking is watchable. There are three more episodes grayed-out on the site. The original game Steins;Gate featured an “ancient” portable computer IBN5100, […]

IBM Makes Anime “Steins;Gate” New Short Episodes on “Cognitive Computing”

10 Oct
Tokyo District Court judged, Asahi reported. Google can file opposition. Google Ordered To Remove 122 Search Results Possibly Damaging Complainer’s Reputations

Google Ordered To Remove 122 Search Results Possibly Damaging Complainer’s Reputations

8 Oct
Facebook Japan added today a new language selection “Japanese (Kansai)” for its web versions (PC and mobile), Weekly Ascii Plus reported. In Kansai-ben, “Iine!”(Like!) is displayed as “Eeyan!”, “Comment” is replaced with “Tsukkomu”. via Weekly Ascii Plus Facebook Adds Kansai-ben(dialect)

Facebook Adds Kansai-ben(dialect)

8 Oct
Hamigakibiyori (means “A good day to brush teeth” in Japanese), a free iPhone game on which you can brush teeth of several anime girls, is planned to release soon, “Unless rejected by Apple” as the official says. By good brushing, you gain “love points”, by which you may purchase new toothbrushes. via Inside Toothbrushing Anime […]

Toothbrushing Anime Girls Game Coming

3 Oct
Mobage official English blog announced that they change the name “Mobage” to “DeNA Games” outside of Japan. we’re excited to share that Mobage will now simply be known as DeNA (pronounced D-N-A). via vsmedia DeNA Drops “Mobage” Brand for Overseas

DeNA Drops “Mobage” Brand for Overseas

2 Oct
AndroWire reported that Facebook added a new QR Code profile feature only for Japanese users. Facebook users on iOS and Android can show a QR Code from a user profile, on which others can access and request to be a Facebook friend. Early this week, Facebook released stamps on comments feature for Japan, at now […]

Facebook Adds QR-Code to Add Friends via 2D Barcode for Japan

2 Oct
NikkeiBP reported that 3,794,777 Yahoo! Japan Mail users were unable to access the service since around 9:30 a.m. September 30. The number of affected users is about 8% of whole 50 million users. Troubled hardware are being replaced and are supposed to resume tomorrow, October 3. official release Yahoo! Japan Mail Troubled – 3.8 Million […]

Yahoo! Japan Mail Troubled – 3.8 Million Users Affected

1 Oct
According to IT Media [J], Amazon Japan, Japan Post and Nasta jointly designed a new mailbox, which allows people to receive larger boxes, reduce redelivers. http://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B00NHDZBZG On Amazon’s product review, already 7 users reviewed with averaged 1.5 stars. Most say that 32,000 yen (already 35% off though) is too expensive. One points out that Amazon’s […]

Amazon Japan Makes Larger Mailbox for their Parcels

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